It’s always a good thing to have a phone that charge pretty fast. To be fair, having to wait hours to get the battery of your phone fully charge can be quite annoying sometimes. A new report has surfaced online indicating that Google might equip the Pixel 6 pro with a 33W fast charging technology.

Allot of information about the Pixel series have surfaced online. We’ve seen the designs, the camera specs, display, refresh rate and the tensor custom chip. And now, the charging tech for the battery has also surfaced.

According to XDA-Developers, the Google Pixel 6 Pro will feature a 33W of fast wired charging tech. the report from XDA showed that a recent filing in the Taiwanese regulatory by Google showed that the Pixel 6 Pro charging speed is up to 11 volts and 3 amps.

This means Google Pixel 6 Pro will support up to 11*3 = 33W of fast wired charging. However, the report doesn’t indicate if the standard Pixel 6 will also support 33W charging or not, but according to XDA “it’s safe to assume they all will support 33W charging.”

If this happens to be true, this will make the Pixel 6 Pro the fastest charging Google Pixel Phone and one of the fastest flagship smartphone. For example, the Google Pixel 5 featured an 18W fast charging, the recently released Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max featured a 20W fast charge and the Galaxy S21 Ultra featured a 25W fast charging.

With the rumored 5,000mAh battery and big 6.7-inch display inside the Pixel 6 Pro, a 33W fast charging will really be useful. But, the Pixel 6 Pro is expected to ship without charger inside the box, so you’ll still need to buy a charging brick to enjoy the 33W fast charging.

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