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Google Pixel 6a Price is now 22% Cheaper in 2023

Google Pixel 6a price is now 22% cheaper. At launch, the smartphone arrived at $449, but you can get it for $369 right now. This is the right time to get the device for yourself and you can use the box below to purchase it.

Google Pixel 6aPrice
Buy on Amazon$369
Google Pixel 6a price is now 22% cheaper

The Pixel 6a won MKBHD’s best camera phone test of the year 2022. It won ahead of more expensive phones like iPhone 14 series, Galaxy S22 ultra, and even the latest Google Pixel 7 series. That’s to say spending $348 on the Pixel 6a right now can be justified.

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In a few months, the Google Pixel 7a would be launched. And that one is expected to bring significant improvements, especially in the area of the display. The Pixel 7a will feature a 90Hz refresh rate instead of the 60Hz on the Pixel 6a.






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