For a flagship smartphone that cost more than $800, the Pixel 6 Pro seems to have too many bugs plaguing it. Since its release, the users of the Google Pixel 6 series have reported too many bugs. The latest bug plaguing the Pixel 6 Pro is automatic call rejection.

According to some feedback from users of the Pixel 6 Pro on Reddit, a new bug in the Google Pixel 6 Pro automatically rejects calls without alerting the users. In simple terms, the Pixel 6 Pro was rejecting calls on their behalf. This can be a good thing for calls you didn’t want to receive until you start missing out on important calls.

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The description of the bug shows that anytime the Pixel 6 Pro automatically rejects a call, the caller will get a notification that the call is not connected. However, the Pixel 6 Pro will not alert the user of the rejected call but will save the rejected call in the call log. The report on Reddit also claimed that the call rejection happens at random and from what we can see, there is no fixed time period for the rejections.

Pixel 6 Pro bug feedback

Well, this seems like something an update can fix and Google might roll out one soon. But, right now there is no official response from Google regarding this issue and it might few weeks for such an update to be available.

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The Google Pixel 6 series was the first Google Pixel phone to feature the Google Tensor chip. And every new tech has its bugs but the Pixel 6 series seems to have one too many.

Note that prior to this phone rejection bug, users of the Pixel 6 series had experienced many serious problems, such as Wi-Fi function failure, photo album app flashback, fingerprint recognition failure, inability to call, automatic rotation failure, and shutdown screen flashing, etc.

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But, it is also very important to point out that some users of the Google Pixel 6 Pro said they’re not experiencing this current bug plaguing the device. So, is this bug restricted to some users? Will it get to other users soon? Whatever the case, you should probably update your Pixel 6 Pro if there is an update notification. And you can also share your experience using the Pixel 6 Pro via the comment section below.


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