It’s old new that the users of the Google Pixel 6 Pro has been complaining about lots of bugs and user experience issues. And three months and lots of update later, it seems the issues inside the Pixel 6 pro won’t go away quietly.

So, to resolve the many issues inside the Pixel 6 pro, Google has rolled out yet another update to fix these issues. But, what is this new update going to fix?

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Well, according to the new update notification, this update is meant to fix critical bugs and improve stability and performance of the device. Prior to this update, there has been lots of complain about issues plaguing this device. Let’s to a quick recap.

First, users of the device complained about flickering screen when you press the power button for more than 0.5 seconds. Second, the punch hole on the screen is said to increase and become bigger than usual. Three, the Pixel 6 Pro appears to make calls by itself.

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All these complaints were from Pixel 6 pro users from different regions. Lately, the issue of unresponsive fingerprint scanner was also brought to the light. Then the issue of a third party been able to unlock the device using unregistered fingerprint was also reported.

Google rolled out an update to try and fix these issues but even then, it was not enough. Even the popular tech reviewer MKBHD tweeted that he won’t recommend buying the device due to increase bug and bad user experience.

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So, this new critical update is an attempt for Google to fix the bugs, unstable performance related experienced with the Pixel 6 Pro. To download this update, go to Settings>About>Update.

Pixel 6 Update

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If you have not seen this update yet, it will be available for you in the coming days. Just keep searching for the update section in your Google Pixel 6 Pro.

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