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Google teased its first Smartwatch and the Pixel Tablet

After unveiling the Pixel Buds Pro and Pixel 6a at its I/O conference today, Google started teasing some of its future products. The company teased the Pixel 7 series which has a rebranded Pixel 6 look.

Google also teased its first smartwatch and first Android tablet. Let’s talk tell you about the Google smartwatch first then we conclude with then the Pixel tablet.

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Google Pixel Watch

Pixel Watch

The Pixel watch is the first smartwatch developed by Google from the ground up. It has a round shape, has a domed look to its glass, and will come with Fitbit integration since Google owns Fitbit.

This integration means you’ll get fitness tracking with Active Zone Minutes, stats, progress, personal fitness goals, continuous heart rate tracking, as well as sleep tracking powered by Fitbit.

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Google Pixel Tablet

After months of speculations, Google finally teased the Pixel tablet. Google confirmed it’s working on a Pixel tablet that will be launched in 2023. The company also decided to share some teasers with its fans.

Pixel tablet

The Pixel tablet is powered by the Google Tensor and is “designed to be a perfect companion to your Pixel phone”. This means you’ll enjoy seamless connectivity and data transfer between your Pixel phone and the Pixel tablet.

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From the pictures shared, you can see that the bezels of the Pixel tablet are reasonably slim (for a tablet). On the rear is a single camera and a single camera is also placed on the Bezels to serve as the front camera.

According to Google, the Pixel tablet is designed to be the most helpful tablet in the world. This is the only information available for now and we hope to get more in the coming weeks.






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