Google Tensor vs Apple A15 Bionic: Tensor is the first custom chip from Google and it’s here to compete the likes of A15 bionic, Snapdragon and Exynos processors. However, in this particular post, the Google Tensor will be compared to the Apple A15 bionic chipset.

Apple A15 bionic chipset is currently leading in the industry. When it comes to manufacturing process, the A15 bionic and Google Tensor chipsets are built on 5 nanometer process, however, the Apple’s silicon is more improved because of the latest N5P process used by TSMC which resulted in power efficiency and faster performance.

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These two chipsets are 5G capable with the A15 bionic using the latest Qualcomm’s X60 5G modem.

Google Tensor vs Apple A15 Bionic: CPU and GPU

When put under test, Apple A15 bionic’s 6-core CPU is faster than all the competition. As the A15 bionic maintains the hexa-core 2+4 CPU architecture, while Google Tensor adopted the octa-core 2+2+4 CPU setup. The Tensor chip is Google’s first ever custom silicon, so this is expected.

More so, Apple added an extra core to its GPU making the A15 bionic to have 5 GPU cores compared to its predecessor with just 4-cores. On the other hand, Google Tensor brings an ARM-Mali G78 GPU with 20 cores.

Both graphics processing unit are good but under rigorous usage, the new Apple 5-core GPU is better.

Google Tensor vs Apple A15 Bionic: AI & ML

Apple A15 Bionic chipset have a neural engine that can process 15.8 trillion operations per second. Although Google didn’t reveal any specific figures about the Tensor’s neural engine, but we do know that when it comes to the field of AI & ML, Google is a force to reckon with.

When both virtual assistants were tested head-to-head, Google Assistant was ahead of the Apple’s Siri.

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Google Tensor vs Apple A15 Bionic: Benchmark

GeekbenchGoogle TensorA15 Bionic
Multi Core29844818
Single Core10941734


For now the Apple A15 bionic chipset is untouchable. CPU and GPU wise (performance), the Google’s Tensor chip doesn’t come close. But again, this is Google’s first ever custom silicon so there is room for improvement overtime.


  1. Simply put, the google custom made tensor is the rookie that first needs to prove itself and will probably need at least a year to perfect and get the bugs removed. By comparison, the apple custom made bionic(currently a15) is the longtime veteran with a long history of being the best SoC and has long been perfected with most or all bugs already removed. Also, while google promised 4 security and OS future updates, apple iphones have gotten double that amount for more than 5 years now. So to sum it up, this comparison is one sided in Apple’s favor and google has a lot of catching up do it.

  2. Regarding Apple’s a15 bionic SoC and Google’s new custom made tensor SoC where apple beats google easily in all performance benchmarks and is clearly the more perfected SoC, well it’s true as you mentioned google tensor being a rookie, over time has room for improvement which will obviously happen, let’s not forged that apple has a long history of also improving all their iphones including their SoC so with that being said, apple might forever have a huge lead over google phones that’s tensor based.

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