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Google to completely stop ad-tracking on Android just like Apple iPhone

Remember that opt out of ad-related tracking option introduced by Apple on iOS 14.5 that got Facebook and other advertising companies upset? Well, it appears Google is also working on implementing same feature even more strictly.

According to a report from Bloomberg, Google will be rolling out a feature later in 2021 for Android users that will enabled Android users completely opt out of ad-related tracking.

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Google will completely disable ad-tracking on your Android phone

According to the report, Google will have a toggle that will allow you to disable the tracking altogether. This differs a little from what Apple introduced with the iOS 14.5. iPhone users with iOS 14.5 or higher can use the button “Ask app not to track” for specific apps you don’t want to track the places you visit online.

But with the incoming Google feature, you won’t be seeing a pop-up for each individual app, nor will you have control over individual apps, but you will be able to opt-out completely of all tracking, for all the apps on your phone.

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This feature will come as part of a 2021 update for Google Play services. It will include the removal of the advertising ID for users who decide to opt out. Which means, advertisers will not be able to use it to send you personalized ads – including Google itself.

It was earlier reported that Google was hesitant in bringing this feature to Android phones. Reasons because the company feared that it will affect its advertising business. However, the rivalry between Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android, has also pushed them to implement things they otherwise won’t.

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So, Google is following Apple’s example on this one and more advertising companies are going to cry about it. But face it, even Facebook that cried about the change is still alive.

This new change is expected to start rolling out later this year in phases with an update to Google Play services. Android 12 devices that supports Google Play services is also expected to get the update in early 2022.





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