The incoming Google Pixel 6 series has been confirmed to support 5G network technology. And we’ve already seen the design and know about the chip inside the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro.

However, it is now that we can confirm that Samsung will be the company to bring the 5G technology inside the new Google Pixel phones. This is mostly because, the Korean tech giant will be supplying the necessary components that add 5G support to the Pixel 6.

Some might have expected that the US based Qualcomm would provide the 5G inside the Pixel phones. But, Samsung and Google have been working closely on the power package for this new Google phones. So it’s not so much of a surprise that the Samsung is bringing 5G to these new Google phones as well.

Google Pixel 6 will have Samsung’s 5G modem Inside

Previous reports has confirmed that the new Google Tensor chip will be manufactured based on Samsung’s own 5nm process. It also seem very likely that the cameras of the Pixel 6 series will use Samsung’s ISOCELL sensors.

Google Tensor Chip
Google Tensor Chip

According to Reuters, Google is going to use a Samsung 5G modem for its Pixel 6 series. This shows how important the collaboration between Google and Samsung is for this device.

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Although Google has previously used 5G modems from Qualcomm in its google Pixel flagships, it seems the company is going with Samsung’s 5G modem for its new flagships.

For now, there are three main suppliers of 5G modems for smartphones and tablets – Samsung, Qualcomm, and MediaTek. Samsung’s next-gen 5G modem is going to support millimeter wave 5G technology as well. Google has previously confirmed that the Pixel 6 will support mmWave.

Qualcomm is still the leading supplier of 5G modems for smartphones and tablets. The decision of Google to use Samsung’s 5G modem will enable Samsung to expand its reach in the 5G market. It’ll also boost confidence from Google that might make other phone manufacturers to consider Samsung’s 5G modems in their smartphones as well.

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