Since its debut on June 2, the Harmony OS 2 released by Huawei has gathered popularity and it’s not even slowing down. A new report from China has confirmed that harmony OS is now in about 100 different models of smartphones with a user base that is well over 70 million.

Back in July, a report came that Harmony OS has about 50 Million users. And barely 30 days later, has the user base grown by some 40%. There is also the first refrigerator to be powered by the Harmony OS.

In June, we saw that the new Huawei OS also had about 4 million developers with more than 100,000 apps. And it is estimated that the system will have over 100 million users by the end of 2021. This is the biggest upgrade in the history of Huawei’s system update.

According to Yu Chengdong, the current number of users shows that at an average 8 users upgrades to HarmonyOS 2 every second. As the time of this report, HarmonyOS 2 upgrade has covered about 100 phones. These include Huawei and Honor brand smartphones, tablets, and smart screens.

About 100 different model of Phones now run on Harmony OS 2

There are now about 90 Huawei and Honor devices running on Harmony OS. And about 56 of these devices are old devices from Huawei and Honor. Only flagship Huawei phones have the public stable harmony OS 2 installed. Other devices are using the internal beta version.

List of Harmony OS powered devices
List of Harmony OS powered devices

Feedback from users have been positive about the Harmony OS upgrade so far. Some users said that, after upgrading the HarmonyOS system, your old model can not only get many functional improvements but also significantly improve its fluency and performance.

According to reports, HarmonyOS 2 system has been optimized in terms of the storage system, GPU/CPU rendering, etc. And some report has claimed that there are at least two areas where the Harmony OS 2 is better than Android OS.

If the first public version of the Harmony OS is getting these positive feedbacks, one can only imagine how good the next version of the Huawei OS would be. But, we’ll still have to wait and see. With the US ban still in place, it‘s still very difficult for Huawei to conduct its business effectively.

Source | Chinese

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