Now that the HarmonyOS has officially been released for smartphones, more interesting features of the Huawei OS is coming to light. The latest feature is the inbuilt feature that detect and notify users of fake chargers.

With over 10 million users and more Huawei smartphones joining the HarmonyOS, more smart features will be revealed. But for now, let’s talk about how the Huawei OS manages to detect and notify users of fake chargers.

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When a take charger is plugged in a Huawei mobile phone running HarmonyOS, there is a prompt that tell users that the “charging is slow”. The notification also reads “this charger has not passed the fast charging protocol detection. Fast charging is not possible”.

HarmonyOS new feature detects fake chargers

Responding to this, Bruce Lee, vice  president of Huawei’s mobile phone product line explained that this notification shows that the charger is a fake product. He said that the HarmonyOS has a charger smart identification function built inside. This feature helps users to know fake chargers.

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Why is this feature in HarmonyOS?

Well, the goal is to protect a user’s charging experience and personal safety. In general, Huawei mobile phones uses the companies self developed fast charging protocol known as “Huawei SuperCharge”.

And it appears that not all Third-Party chargers support the Huawei SuperCharge fast charging protocol. Except the third-party charger is certified by Huawei to have this protocol, using such charger will reduce users charging experience.

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Take for instance, using Huawei’s original charger or a certified Hauwei SuperCharge third-party brand charger, it takes just 45 minutes to fully charge your Huawei mobile phone. Using an uncertified Third-Party brand charger will take up to 2 hours to fully charge same device.

Including this feature in the HarmonyOS is also wise because we’ve seen too many incidents of explosions and fires caused by the use of counterfeit chargers. This has posed a threat to the phones and personal safety of users. So, Huawei is trying to curb these issues by introducing the fake charger detection feature in the HarmonyOS.

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So, if you own a Huawei smartphone, when buying a charger, you must buy an original Huawei charger or a certified third-party brand to get the right charging experience.

Currently, the third-party charger brands that has good reputation include Green Alliance, Baseus, Anker, Pisen, etc. If you don’t want to buy original chargers, you can give priority to these third-party brands.

It appears that few numbers of Huawei users using original charger has also reported receiving the fake charger notification. Changing the cable of the charger has resolved some of these notifications.

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