SIM Card Most Valuable Asset in Nigeria: Valuable asset is different among people. For some, its their car, others its their house, to others its their job/business while to others its their wedding ring. But, the narrative of most valuable asset just changed with a single and simple order from the Federal Government of Nigeria.

If you live in Nigeria or you are a Nigerian living abroad, your most valuable asset right now should be your SIM card. In fact, it is even more important than you debit, credit card and possibly your banking mobile app.

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Last month, Federal Govt through NCC gave the order for Nigerians to link their NIN to their SIM card records. Local Mobile Service Opertaors came onboard with the idea (not like they can refuse anyway). But, why is your SIM now your most valubale asset? And why should you protect it?

Well, keep reading and you’ll see at least 4 reasons to do so.

How SIM Card became the most valuable Asset in Nigeria

One of the reason for linking your NIN to your SIM is for the Federal Govt of Nigeria to easily have an estimated population of Nigerians. Another reason is for the Govt to make use of this estimated data when planning National Budget or making National Plans. But, there is even a more serious reason.

You see, the increase in crime is the main reason why the Federal Government of Nigeria need NIN linked to SIM card record. This way, only one person can be associated to SIM cards. So, even if you have 20 SIM cards, only one NIN will be linked to those.

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If the explanation above is not making sense and you still don’t see why your SIM card is your most valuable asset right now then see the explanation below.

Your NIN has your record details including house address, work, passport photograph and bio data. Assuming you have 7 SIM cards, the Govt can easily trace the SIM card details to you. Which also means that if the SIM card is used for a crime, you’ll be easily traced.

This implies that, even if someone else uses your SIM card to commit a crime, you will be held responsible as the SIM card details is linked to your NIN. Maybe you are now getting the seriousness of your SIM card now.

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Your SIM Card is Bigger than you ATM Card right now. Gone are the days you ignore when your SIM card get lost. With this new development, when your SIM card gets lost, be sure you call customer service to block it, then you try and retrieve it.

We never thought that we’ll be saying this but you have to keep your SIM card very safe. NIMC and NCC have warned that owners of SIM card is responsible for the use of their SIM card.

This also means you should not register SIM card for someone else. Don’t use your NIN to register SIM card and give to someone else to use. You’re responsible for that SIM card since its linked to your NIN.

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How can you stay safe amidst all these saga? Well, we have some tips for you below.

How to Keep your SIM Card Safe

  1. Don’t help people to register their SIM using your NIN. Only register your personal SIM to avoid stories that touches.
  2. Be careful who uses your phone to make calls or send text messages.
  3. Don’t allow anyone to use your SIM card to open a social media account like Facebook, twitter, Instagram and the rest.
  4. Remember that your SIM card is as important as your ATM card, BVN and Banking App (maybe a little more important than these).

Remember you’ll be held responsible for any crime commited using your SIM card. Its good you uderstand how important your SIM card is and keep it safe. Your SIM card might be small, but with that single and simple order from Federal Govt, your SIM card is now your most important Asset.

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