Promote Great Products on Clickbank: There are over 21,000 products and 280 categories or niches on Clickbank for you to promote. It can be quite difficult finding great products to pick on Clickbank because of the huge number. Great products does not necessary mean product with huge affiliate commission.

When we say great products we mean products that actually converts and makes you money as an affiliate marketer.

While Clickbank has lots of great products which are very useful to customers. Clickbank also has so many crappy products which solve no problem, are overvalued or do not provide the solution they promise.

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Be it you are new to Clickbank, already a member of Clickbank or considering promoting Clickbank products, this article will show you how to identify great products which are self-selling and will make you a lot of money.

How to find Great Products on Clickbank

Consider the 6 things below when picking a product for promotion on Clickbank.

  1. Gravity
  2. Initial $ per sale
  3. Refund rate
  4. Landing page of the product
  5. Recurring rebill average
  6. Product resource page

1. Gravity

Gravity refers to the number of affiliates that have sold the affiliate product within the last 3 months. The gravity is usually dicey because many affiliates use this value as a yardstick to whether or not promote a product on Clickbank. But this is not the case because, many affiliates jump on a product because the product gravity is really high.

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While it is true that if the gravity of a product is high it simply means quite a lot of people are buying. It is also true that the higher the gravity of a product, the higher the competition. Hereby if a product has a gravity of 300, chances are so many people are promoting it and the competition for that product is most likely fierce.

Which means you might spend so much more in ad cost trying to reach your ideal customer. Meanwhile a product that has a gravity of just 95 is less competitive and you can more easily reach your ideal customer.

It’s better to promote a Clickbank product that has a gravity between 50 and 100.

Products on Clickbank

2. Initial $ Per Conversion

This gives you an idea about the amount you will make when you make a sale for a particular product. If the initial $ per sale for a particular product is $45, that means you will make $45 each time someone buys the product using your link for the first time.

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What mistakes do people make here?

People make the mistake of picking a product that has a very high initial $ per sale amount. It’s great when you earn $500 for each sale you make for a product but the conversion rate for products like these are always very low. Which means you could be burning your ad budget promoting this sort of product.

It’s also important to note that products with little initial sales usually have upsells, these upsells make you more money on the long run. Usually, it’s easier to sell someone a $1000 product when you have already sold a $67 product to the same person.

The chances of the person buying the product is really high because they already trust the product seller to deliver a great product.

Great Products on Clickbank

The above screenshot simply means that you will earn $70.56 every time a new person buys the product.

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3. Refund rate

If a product’s refund rate on Clickbank is relatively high, it simply means it’s a bad product. So many buyers are requesting to get their money back after purchase because Clickbank has a 60 day money back guarantee for most of its products.

Stay as far away from a product with high refund rate as possible because you basically lose money promoting this product and you also lose reputation.

4. The landing page of the product

The landing page of a product is where potential buyers are taken to before they can order the product. Your job when promoting a product is to get as many people as possible to get to the landing page. And the landing page of the product needs to be very convincing.

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An ideal landing page should have a Video sales letter as well as social proof and testimonials about the product. Always check the landing page for any product you plan to promote. A video presentation on the landing page usually helps customers convert well.

Landing Page

The above screenshot is the sale page for a product, video sales letters do better because videos better describe the product or service being offered rather than basic write ups.

5. Recurring rebill

These are recurring payments the customer pays every month for a product or service they have purchased. For example, a customer is required to pay $35 per month for a product and you earn $25 from this $35 for each sale. You will keep earning $25 per sale as long as the customer keeps using the product.

Recurring rebill products help you earn passive income. It’s one of the best ways to sustain cash flow in affiliate marketing. But it’s important that you understand that promoting a problem solving product is very important because if the user does not find the product useful he or she will cancel her subscription and you will stop receiving your recurring payment.

This Recurring re-bills can also be up sells. If your affiliate product offers to sell a product at the initial price of $47 of which you earn $35 as commission, they can offer the customer an up sell to another product they might need which will usually cost more.

Let’s assume the products cost $200 of which you earn $150. It’s basically that simple, after you have gotten your customer to buy the first product, your affiliate product owner does the rest of the job with the upsells.

Great Products on Clickbank

6. Product resource page

A product resource page gives you insights, details on how to promote the product. The demographics to promote the product to, the age range, the best platform for promoting the product, email swipes (these are sales messages you can send to your potential customer’s email telling them about your product).

Product resource pages gives you total guidance. Don’t promote a product without checking the resource page. As a product which doesn’t have a resource page is probably not worth promoting because of lack of proper details.


So, this is how you can identify great products on Clickbank. I hope this has been helpful, and if you found this helpful then you need to read about 5 must have tools for promoting on Clickbank. Don’t forget to Join Our Newsletter to be getting free Clickbank Affiliate Marketing tips.

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