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How To Increase The Speed of Your Android Phone By 30%

Have you ever tried performing a task with your phone and it takes like forever to load? Let’s assume you tried opening a game and suddenly your phone hangs and you can’t seem to quit or stop the process. Sometimes you get stuck in the middle, that is you can’t go back to what you were doing and you can’t continue with what you wanted to do. Well in this post, we’ll share with you some few tips that will increase the speed of your Android phone by at the least 30%.

It is very important to note that there are some things responsible for making your Android perform tasks very fast. To be specific, the SOCs (system on chips) is responsible for this. The SOCs includes your storage, CPU, GPU etc. Let’s get to show you how the SOCs affects your Android phone performance and how you can increase the speed of your Android phone.

The Chipset(Processor)

Most times the Chipset that comes with a phone plays a major role in it’s performance/speed. High end Mid range and flagship Android devices uses latest Chipsets which makes them very fast. However, low mid range and budget Android phones uses Chipsets that a way below those of flagships. But there are things you can do to help increase the speed of your phone even if you use a lesser Chipset.

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First don’t use your low budget phone to perform tasks that flagship devices will do. Understand that your phone is not designed to carry heavy apps and play heavy duty games like PUBG. To keep your phone working without hanging, you need to look for apps that have same feature as those heavy duty apps but are light weight.

Android has made it possible for users to have various options when it comes to apps. There are heavy duty video editing apps but there are lots of light weight video editing apps that have similar features. Step one to increasing your phone performance is AVOID OVER USING THE CHIPSET OF THE PHONE. You’ll see that when you start using light weight apps, your phone performance will increase.

Example of Light weight Apps

Light weight apps are mobile phone apps designed to perform similar functions as the original apps but requires little memory space to be installed and use less RAM and processor. Below are some of the typical examples of light weight apps

  1. Facebook Lite
  2. Twitter Lite
  3. Facebook Messenger Lite
  4. Photo Lite


RAM stands for Random Access Memory and it simply means that it’s a memory that can be accessed at random. RAM is the memory that keeps record of your activities as you make use of your phone. It’s different from your internal storage(the ROM). The RAM stores data or files from apps as it’s been used and once that session/app is closed, the RAM let go of the activity/app and focus or take on a new one.

Now most Android phone users overload the RAM and this leads to frequent hanging of the phone. The reason why it’s called Random Access Memory is because it’s a memory that the phone can access at random. Simply put, if you open an app the RAM will start keeping record of what you are doing with that app.

If you then open a new app it repeat same procedure each time using part of the RAM to keep record of what you are doing with those apps. It gets to a time when you might have exhausted the RAM memory and it won’t be able to process other apps and this leads to frequent hanging. Let’s explain with a typical example below.

Here is the interesting part, if your phone has 2GB RAM and you have more than 10 apps running at the background then know that you are almost exhausting the RAM. This might lead to frequent hanging as the RAM will have to be closing one process to be able to perform another process. While you have lots of apps opened at the background, you might receive phone calls or text and been a Random memory, the RAM will try to stop a running process to allow you answer your call.

Closing a running process to attend to an incoming or new process will result to your phone been slow as the RAM is already exhausted. It has no more space to accommodate new process and the RAM has to pause one process for another process every-time.

The second way to improve your phone performance is by opening apps that you only need to work with. No need to fill up the RAM with apps that you are not using. Allow the RAM some extra space to respond to random requests. We recommend that you open a maximum of 4 apps for phones using 2GB RAM. By reducing the number of apps in the background, you give the RAM more space to work efficiently and this will improve the speed of processing.

Internal Storage (ROM)

The internal storage is also refer to as the ROM which means Read Only Memory. Its Read Only because it only takes what you give. It only collects and save for when you need. It’s very different from the RAM that perform Random tasks. ROM are known to keep your files for when you need them. Now this internal storage can also contribute to your phone been slow.

Very big thanks to technology, most phones now comes with Internal Storage the size of the ones used in laptops. But even at that, if you use a low budget phone with 16GB or 32GB internal storage, your internal memory can be filled up very quickly.

How does the internal storage affect your phone? When files fill up your phone storage, it makes it difficult for running apps to make use of stored data or cache. This in turn makes the RAM to keep running same process for a long time looking for where to store and move to another process.

What is filling up your internal storage

There are lots of things that is filling up your internal storage. They ranges from

  • Junk files: These include files that you don’t need and are not useful. The new google files to go app allows you to clear these files. So we advice you install the Google files to go app to easily get rid of these unwanted and useless files.
  • Random pictures: My best guess right now is that some of the pictures in your phone are not even yours. And you don’t even have any use for those pictures in your phone. Why not delete them to save some space?
  • Duplicate Pictures: We know that capturing the occasion is good but hey don’t have duplicate pictures in your phone. It’s just taking up memory space that is meant for other things. Let’s give you a quick hint, use social media as your back up storage. Upload some pictures and delete them, when you need these pictures later, just go to your profile and download them. It’s that easy to save you some space.
  • Too many large files: If your phone has 16GB or 32GB internal storage, it already came with some apps installed. Which means at you have less than 8GB left for 16GB and maybe 20GB left for 32GB phones. Saving files of more than 2GB in your phone will make it fill up very fast. So avoid saving those large files in your phone.
  • Unused Apps and Files: This might include movies, music, pictures, PDF or even apps that you no longer use.

How to free Your internal storage

There are things you can do to keep your phone internal storage free

  • Delete junk files
  • Avoid duplicate contents like pictures, music, movies,PDF etc.
  • Don’t save large files in your internal Storage
  • Removed unused apps, movies, music, pictures and related files.


The CPU is very complicated and we can’t start explaining all about it. But in simple terms, the CPU is meant to show the speed of processors how many processors your phone is using. For example, some phone uses octa core which means eight processors. Other phone uses quad core(four processors), Hexa core(six processors). A part of the processor is used to process your request as you make them while the other part is used to cool off your phone so that it wont get too hot.

Lets assume your phone is using quad core(four processor) with two processor dedicated to process request and the other two dedicated to cool off your phone. You should note over task the two processor dedicated to respond to your request. So if you want to increase the performance of your Android phone don’t process multiple things at same time.


There are lots of things responsible for your phone been slow. Sometimes the phone is packed with lower chipset which you can do nothing about. But if you try to use your phone with the tips above, you should be able to increase the speed of your Android phone by 30%.

Remember to understand that not all processors and GPU are meant to play heavy games. So your phone might not have been created to carry heavy duty apps. It means you have to find alternative light weight apps for your phone. Also avoid over loading the RAM with too many tasks at a time. Learn to close apps you are not using. Lastly remove files you don’t to free up your phone space and also don’t overwork the processor of the phone.





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