How to install and set up Starlink: There is this hassle that always comes with installing a new dish or setting up a new satellite for our home. But, that’s not the case with Starlink. In fact, you can install Starlink internet all by yourself within minutes. You don’t need to be a guru in engineering or a computer to be able to install your Starlink internet.

So, how can you install Starlink by yourself after purchase? This step-by-step guide will show you How to install and set up Starlink without the help of a professional. But before we jump to the step-by-step process, let’s see what tools you need and the things inside the Starlink box.

How to install and set up Starlink

Tools you need to Install Starlink

The tools you need vary depending on the location you want to set up your Starlink dish but generally, you’ll need the following tools to install Starlink:

  1. A hammer
  2. A plier
  3. Set of screwdrivers
  4. Iron clip (preferable one that doesn’t get rust if you’re installing Starlink on a rooftop)

Now that you know the basic tools you need to install Starlink, what is inside the Starlink Box

What is inside the Starlink Box?

  • Starlink Antenna dish
  • Mounting Tripod
  • Power Supply Adapter
  • Wi-Fi Router
  • Black and White Cables (black cable is for the dish while the white cable is for the Wi-Fi router)
How to install and set up Starlink

The next step will be locating a good spot for your Starlink dish. Note that since the Starlink dish will connect to a satellite, it’s important that the location for the dish be free of any obstruction. Hence, you should place the dish in an open space (rooftop preferably or open space). This way, the dish will have a clear view of the sky and easily connect to the satellite.

Now download the Starlink App from the App Store for your mobile phone. Then click on the “check for obstructions” button and the app will use your camera to check for obstructions in the area you plan to place the dish.

Quick Note: Don’t force the Starlink dish to face a particular area, once plugged in, the dish will automatically align itself to pick an area with less obstruction.

The next step is to place your Wi-Fi router in an area where everyone can have equal access to the signal. Preferably a location that is the center of your house. Now plug in the power adapter and plug in the white cable from the Wi-Fi router to the white side of the power adapter.

How to install and set up Starlink

Now wherever you place your Starlink dish, carefully run the black cable from the dish to the power adapter and plug in the black cable to the black side of the power adapter. Note that both cables are special ethernet cables that can transmit both power and data.

Now the setup is complete but it’ll take about 15-20 mins for the dish to check for the satellite and get connected. It’s time to configure the Starlink Router using the Starlink App you download from the App Store.

How to Configure Starlink Router

  1. Go to Wi-Fi settings on your phone
  2. Look for Starlink hotspot and tap it
  3. It’ll prompt you to provide your Wi-Fi name and Password (for first-time setup)
  4. You’ll have to reconnect to the Wi-Fi using the password you just created

Once this is done, you can open up the Starlink app to see the status of your connection. For others to connect to the Starlink internet, just give the password you created above.

So, this is How to install and set up Starlink without the help of any professional. It’s easy and you can do it by yourself with the right tools, knowing the right spot to place the dish, and setting up the Starlink App. Alternatively, if you don’t want to go through this process then you can just call a professional to do it for you.

To order your Starlink Internet, visit the official Starlink website to see if it’s available in your country. Starlink services are currently available in more than 36 countries. If you need help, please help with the list of Starlink Operators on their website.

Watch Starlink Installation Video

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  1. you left out the most important part, and the reason to use a professional. if you don’t mount the volcano mount to the roof properly, not only will you lose your dish but you will also have a leaking roof. not to mention that you need to run the cable and mount it to the roof as well, and penetrate the house, maybe multiple times running from the roof to where the modem is located. if anyone in the wv/oh/ky/pa/va area needs a pro to install your starlink, look me up on the list of installers in wv. only one local to wv.

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