Retrieve Lost SIM Card: Getting your lost SIM Card replaced is becoming something we see very often. One might think? Why pass through the stress of replacing my lost SIM card when i can easily buy a new SIM card very cheap. Well you might want to reconsider that thinking and actually go and retrieve your lost SIM card.

There are many reasons why SIM card get lost but the most popular is phone theft. Well, except you have reasons to regularly remove your SIM card from your phone, i can’t seem to understand why you would personally misplace your SIM card. But, when your phone is stolen, your SIM card is gone too. Is retrieving your lost SIM card even worth it?

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Why You Should Retrieve SIM Card

There are lots of reasons why you should go and get back your SIM card or at the least make it useless

  1. To Avoid Criminal Activities: Your lost SIM card can be used for criminal activities. And given the fact that its registered in your name, you would be held responsible. So its best you retrieve it to render any other copy of the SIM card useless.
  2. Keep In Touch: It is much easier to keep in touch with love ones as they still have the number and can easily reach out to you.
  3. Save Yourself Future Stress: Getting a new SIM card might seem easier now but it would be more stressful in the future. A new SIM card means you also have to change you Bank, Employee, School etc contact details. Well, except you like standing in the long queue of banking halls just to update your phone number, you can ignore this factor.
  4. Instant Retrieval: YES, all SIM card retrieved comes to life almost immediately.
  5. It is Easy: SIM retrieval is very much easier than most people have thought (are thinking).

Now that we have some few reasons why you should not abandon your lost SIM card. Lets show you what you need to start the SIM retrieval process and how to go about it.

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NOTE: All the requirements below are peculiar to all network providers in Nigeria. And the procedure is very similar. So regardless of your network provider, the steps below will work for you.

Requirements for SIM Card Retrieval

Below are the things you need to start the process

  1. The SIM Pack or Sworn Affidavit: Yes, this will prove that you are the owner of the lost SIM card. We recommend you keep your SIM pack very well as it will save you time and money when your SIM card is lost.
  2. Means of Identification: An International Passport, Drivers License, Voters card, National Identification Number, Student ID Card, Workers ID Card will be just fine.
  3. One Passport Photograph: This is usually attached to the Sworn Affidavit in the case where SIM Pack is lost.
  4. Money: Although network providers say that SIM retrieval is free, at the customer care center they usually charge about N1,500 to N2,000. This money is converted to Airtime that is credited in your newly retrieved SIM card.
  5. Visit the nearest customer care center with the above and start the process. It takes about 30 minutes to retrieve the SIM Card and it should start working within the hour.

Major Network providers like MTN Nigeria, Globacom Nigeria, Airtel Nigeria and 9Mobile Nigeria all requires the documents listed above.

How to Retrieve The Lost SIM Card

With the necessary documents above

  • Go to the nearest customer care center.
  • Submit the requested documents to the customer care agent
  • Agent will scan your means of identification
  • Customer care agent upload your passport photograph to update your customer data
  • Takes your bio-metric data
  • That is just about it and within 30 minutes its done and your SIM should start working within the hour.

If you have any question on how to retrieve lost SIM card please use the CONTACT US page to send us a message for help. You can also leave a comment below or reach me on +2348131219576(WhatsApp only).


  1. what if you do not have the required documents that show that sim is your’s..what can be done..cause it was a friend of my dad that registered my sim.i don’t have the documents and it isn’t my name that’s on the sim when checked

    1. Hello Precious,

      i’m sorry for your experience but if your name is not registered on the SIM card then its impossible for you to retrieve the line. You’ll have to contact the person who registered the SIM card to retrieve it for you.

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