Turn Off WhatsApp Read Receipts: The read receipts feature in WhatsApp is a very nice feature that helps you know when and if someone has read your message (receiver). But the very fact that this feature also notify the sender that you received the message makes the feature not so appreciated by many WhatsApp users.

Now, if you don’t want a sender to know you have read their messages, you can also turn off this read receipt feature on WhatsApp. And we are here to show you ho you turn off this feature on your Android devices (WhatsApp for Android App).

How The WhatsApp Read Receipts Work

When you send a message on WhatsApp, a single grey line means the message sent, double grey lines means the message is delivered and double blue lines means the message is read by the receiver. So, read receipts are represented by double blue line marks in your WhatsApp chats.

  • This feature in WhatsApp works both ways. that is, When you turn it off, no one can see if you have read their messages and even you won’t be able to see when someone has read your message (what goes around, comes around).
  • Note that turning off this feature does not affect read receipts in group chats and play receipts for voice messages.

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How to Disable/Enable WhatsApp Read Receipts on Android Phone

1. Open WhatsApp App on your Android Phone
2. Tap the Three Dots at the Top Right
3. Select Settings from the list

4. Go to Account
5. Select Privacy
6. Turn off the Read Receipts toggle

Congratulations, now no one can see the blue double line in the WhatApp chat with you from now onward and you can’t also see when someone has read your messages.

If you change your mind and wish to Turn On this feature again, just follow the same steps above.

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