Verify Your Binance Account: You’ll agree that knowing someone is important to allowing the person get close to you. It’s not such a wise thing to do when allow total strangers near you. Well, same principal applies for your Binance account.

Binance Verification is very important for couple of reasons. But the obvious and most important reason is that, if you wish to use the Binance Platform you must be verified. This way, the platform will not only allow you use its services but also increase your transaction limit.

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Good thing is, you can easily verify your account using the Binance Mobile App. And in this article, we’re going to show you how.

Note: You can get a free sign up bonus when you open a free Binance Account. And if you have any question, feel free to ask our Support Team to get help.

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Things you need to verify your Binance account

You need the following documents to be able to verify your Binance account

  1. A phone with internet connection
  2. A valid government issued ID card (SSN, passport, voters card, drivers license etc.)
  3. Personal information (official name as it appears in documents above, house address, phone number etc)
  4. Facial recognition as you’ll take a short passport photograph online.

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How to verify your Binance Account using the Mobile App

verify your Binance Account

This is assuming you already registered in Binance using the link above and you already downloaded the Binance App.

  1. Open the Binance App and  Log into your account using the your email and password
  2. Click the Account icon at the top left corner
  3. Click the verify button that comes
  4. Fill the form that comes up (your personal details as it appears in your government issued ID card)
  5. Upload the copy of your Government issues ID card
  6. Pass through the Facial recognition by taking a selfie online

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Note that after passing through each stage, click the next button to continue. Once you’ve finish the steps above, Binance will check the documents and respond to via email.

Note: You can get a free sign up bonus when you open a free Binance Account. And if you have any question, feel free to ask our Support Team to get help.


    1. hello Jennifer

      Maybe there is something you’re not doing right. Make sure the ID you are using is acceptable by Binance. And also make sure any file you upload is clear and detail correspond with your Binance Account details.

      If you have any other challenge you can reach out to Binance support team or use the contact us page on this website to send us your number. One of our rep will try and walk you through the verification process.

  1. how do I know if the binance assit trading platform I use is real and the whattsapp number for support is real

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