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How to Win Cash Prizes In the Glo Cash Token Reward

The Glo cash token reward is one way the Telecom company is rewarding its customers in Nigeria. If you are qualify, you can win up to N200,000 Naira from Glo. But if you are wondering how you can be part of this reward program from Glo, well we have the details for you.

So, if you are thinking of one way you can make money from the company, then this is one easy way to go about it.

What is Glo Cash Token?

Glo cash token is a reward program where the telecom company rewards its users with cash prizes for recharging their Glo lines. So, its that simple. You recharge your Glo line, they reward you with cash prize.

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Good thing is you can recharge as many times as you want. And if you have more than one Glo SIM card, you can also participate. The logic is simple, the more you recharge the greater your chances of winning.

How to Participate in Glo Cash Token?

To participate is simple. Just dial *777*6# to join. You can also dial this code to include all your other Glo lines. Once that is done, you just have to keep recharging to increase your chances of winning.

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Prizes to be won ranges from N20,000 to N200,000. Anybody can participate in this reward program by Glo. There is no age, gender, status restrictions. Below are some users that have won money from the reward program so far.

Winners of the Glo Cash Token on Twitter
Winners of the Glo Cash Token on Twitter

So, if you want to win some money from the telecom company, then you should consider the Glo Cash Token reward. Its very easy to join and your level of recharge decides if you win or not.

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12 responses to “How to Win Cash Prizes In the Glo Cash Token Reward”

  1. Afolabi Avatar

    Glo gifted u 1 cashtoken claim/spend on *6700#.
    I don’t understand, I need explanation. Thanks

    1. Firstayo Avatar

      Hello Afolabi

      Your question is incomplete. Was that a message you got from Glo? Or was it something you saw in our article?

      Please specify to help us better explain to you.



    The Recharge That I Will Recharge Is Like How Much

  3. Caroline Nwaefulu Avatar

    On the 3rd of april here,I got a text from glo my network that I was gifted 1cash token.pls let me know what the tokens value is and if I won anything ok my no is do we participate or just recharging until we receive gift tokens ?how can I buy more gift tokens and will glo draw this weekend?

  4. Ogbonna Chisa Emmanuel Avatar
    Ogbonna Chisa Emmanuel

    I started this month and they gave me amount to pay, ion know if I should still pay.

  5. Avatar

    I have been hitting the target and above on a monthly basis for the past 3months or more yet nothing seems to be happening.
    What do I need to do next?

    1. Firstayo Avatar


      This program is organized by Glo and we don’t have control over who they decide as winner. We believe winners are selected at random.

  6. Mr Azikiwe Avatar
    Mr Azikiwe

    Good day. Just like any other subscriber mentioned above expressed themselves, I am also saying that I have been meeting my monthly obligation for months now, but as I meet up with one, they will increase that of the month and continue to flow with them. Why is the reward unattainable?. Thanks.

    1. Firstayo Avatar

      Hello Azikiwe

      This program is from Glo and we don’t know why they keep increasing your monthly obligation. Maybe you should call an online customer care agent to find out.

  7. Happiness Ene Sunday Avatar
    Happiness Ene Sunday

    Hello this is Happiness Ene Sunday l have like 378 in my wallet so what do I do next thank you sirs and ma

  8. Abilove Avatar

    Good day,
    Please how do I open a wallet account

  9. Adewumi johnson Avatar
    Adewumi johnson

    Kindly enlight me how to claim my prize in glo rewards

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