The long awaited and anticipated camera centric Huawei smartphone lineup “Huawe P50 lineup” is expected to debut on July 29. And it appears it will be coming in 5G and 4G models.

A report surfaced earlier claiming that shortage of the Kirin 9000 chip might force Huawei to use Qualcomm chips for the Hauwei P50 phones.

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According to a post on Sina Technology Weibo account, Yu Chengdong who is former HR in HW has come out to praise the phone. In a short video posted on its Weibo account, it showed the smartphone in brief.

Huawei P50 Launch

The post also confirmed that the new Hauwei flagship smartphone will be coming in two different models. One model will rock the Kirin 9000 5G SoC while the second models will have the Snapdragon 888 4G chipset from Qualcomm.

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Huawei is still restricted from using 5G hence and with limited Kirin 9000 chips, the company has to turn to Qualcomm for the Snapdragon 888 4G. This will make it possible for the Chinese tech giant to make more Huawei P50.

It’s still unknown which models of the Huawei will be getting the 4G chipset from Qualcomm. But, if the company follows with their usual tradition, we’re expecting to see a Huwei P50, P50 Pro, and P50 Pro+.

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Nothing is confirmed but we think the base model Hauwei P50 might be sacrificed to use 4G. While the Hauwei P50 Pro+ enjoys the full ride of Kirin 9000 5G.

Full specs and price of the Hauwei P50 series will be available here soon. For now, just know that the smartphones will be coming with a 4G version too. It’s debut is scheduled for July 29 and it will be powered by two different chipsets – Kirin 9000 5G and Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 4G.

Stay tune for more updates.


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