Huawei Self-Driving Car Technology: Huawei had refute rumors about producing cars on its own. But the Chinese tech giant has been very active in the market. It has launched its own HMS with the HarmonyOS gaining more developers and millions of users globally.

Since this week, a representative of Huawei has come out to speak about its readiness to develop autopilot technology by 2025. This means, we could get to see a self-driving car technology from the company by 2025.

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Wang Jun, head of smart cars at Huawei Technologies told Reuters that “The goal of our team is to achieve the emergence of completely driverless passenger cars by 2025,” a company spokesman said at an industry event.

It’s not just Huawei working on driverless car technology. Other Chinese companies are also in same direction. For example, Didi is preparing to test driverless taxis in selected cities of United States. The search engine giant Baidu is also working on related technologies in collaboration with automakers.

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Huawei technologies is also collaborating with other Chinese car manufacturers to develop a software for on-board multimedia systems. This driverless tech will need the support of Huawei telecom solutions with support for 5G.

With the promising automotive electronics market, Huawei might offset the losses they incurred in the smartphone market due to the market restrictions and ban of the US.

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Joe Biden bans 59 Chinese companies, including Huawei

The US President Joe Biden last Thursday signed a decree to extend the US ban on companies and stopped citizens from investing in Chinese companies. The released new documents consist of 59 companies that the US government suspects to be associated with the military, intelligence or government of China. Huawei and the three largest Chinese telecommunications companies are included in this list.

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The ban will take effect on August 2. From now on, US investors will have one year to pull out from the listed Chinese companies. Biden’s order is an edited order from former President Donald Trump; which some companies have challenged in court, which has confused investors.

Many of the companies on Biden’s list were previously on the sanctions list of the Trump administration. Among them are telecommunications companies China Mobile Communications, China Unicom and China Telecommunications.

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Also on the list is defense and aerospace companies Aviation Industry Corp. of China, China North Industries Group and others. The well-known manufacturer of video surveillance equipment Hikvision also fell under the sanctions.

The US Treasury Department plans to release a guide on penalties for sanctions violations. According to Biden’s order, investment prohibitions will apply to subsidiaries of listed companies; only if they are on the corresponding list of the Office of Foreign Assets Control. The sanctions list will get an agreement by the US Department of State and the Department of Defense soon.

While this ban won’t be stopping Huawei from producing cars with driverless technology, it might limit the market they’ll market these cars. Self-driving cars is been deemed as the future and it’s good that Huawei technologies is getting into that space.


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