The HarmonyOS is scheduled to debut in a livestream event that will be held by Huawei on June 2 at 8PM local time. It will be the company’s rebranded EMUI and the company will officially announce the new operating system in the livestream event.

Huawei has posted a teaser video of the OS on its Weibo page. The video debuts HarmonyOS’ boot screen which displays “Huawei” before showing the “HarmonyOS” logo.

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Watch HarmonyOS Boot Screen Below

At the end of the short video, there is a note that says a launch event will announce both a product and Harmony OS. Rumor has it that this product is the Huawei MatePad2 and its expected to be the first device to come with Harmony OS out of the box.

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More than 500 Millions people is said to be using the Huawei App Gallery and the Chinese tech giant previously said that by the end of this year, it aims to have some 300 million devices running HarmonyOS with most of the devices expected to be new and come with the ne OS from the factory.

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Few weeks ago, a report surfaced that showed two ways HarmonyOS is said to be better than Android. But with Android 12 coming, the Google OS might step up to level up. Either way, we’ll still have to wait for personal user experience on devices between phones running both OS to conclude.

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