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Huawei to release a 135W Fast charge Head for Laptops and Smartphones

Huawei 135W fast charger head: The advancements in technology is really touching every aspect of tech. And just a little while ago Xiaomi showers it’s new technology that it’s input charging power is up to 200W.

While Xiaomi is yet to mass produce this tech, Huawei has come out with an actual 135W fast charge head that is compatible with both smartphones and laptops.

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According to a blogger on Weibo, Huawei will be releasing a 135W high-power charger that uses the USB-C interface and supports super-fast charging of Huawei laptops and Huawei smartphones.

From the inscription on the charger head, one can see that this charger model is HW-200A00P00, supports up to 20V/6.75A fast charging, and is originally designed for notebooks.

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It’s compatible with multiple protocols such as PD, DCP, QC2.0, QC4, FCP, SCP, and others, and is compatible with most digital products on the tech market.

Huawei 135W fast charger head

The color of the Huawei 135W fast charging head spotted is white and it has a split pin structure. The words “HUAWEI SuperCharge” is also boldly written on the side. As stated earlier, although originally designed for notebooks, it is also compatible with smartphones. Hence, the notebook and smartphone icons are also ticked.

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This product might appear new to non-Huawei users but not so much for Huawei fans. The previously released Huawei Matebook 16 came with a 135W USB-C power adapter. However, this new 135W fast charge head is different from that model.

Benefits of Huawei 135W Fast Charger Head

So, what is the possible benefit of this new Huawei’s 135W fast charge head that is compatible with Laptops and smartphones? For one thing Huawei users won’t need to travel with more than one charger head.

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Currently, Huawei smartphones support up to 66W fast charging. And this with Huawei smartphones, you’ll only utilize half the power of 135W fast charge head.

But having a charger that is capable of charging all your devices means one less luggage when traveling. So, basically you can charge both your smartphones and laptops with one charger head. Guess that is the ideal of the Huawei’s 135W fast charging head.

From the report, the charging head has already passed FCC certification. Which means it’s release is just around the corner. And maybe, just maybe it might be released alongside the Huawei P50 Pro.







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