Infinix first Wireless Charging Phone: Just few weeks after Infinix Mobile teased their 160W fast charger, a leak of the first first device from the company to use the charger also surfaced. But it appears that the yet to be named Infinix device is also coming with wireless charging feature – some say it’ll be called Infinix Zero X.

In a post on his Facebook Page, tipster and tech analyst @Maii_HD posted two pictures of the incoming device.

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Infinix first Wireless Charging Phone

The first picture shows that the Infinix phone will be capable of 50W wireless fast charge. While the second picture shows that the device will have 160W fast charge capabilities.

Taking a look at the back of the previously leaked images shows that the incoming mysterious Infinix phone might actually support wireless charge. At the rear, one could see a circle like design at the back which most likely is the house of the wireless charging coil.

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This will be another surprise in addition to the 160W fast charge and big megapixel camera sensor already spotted in the device.

Infinix Phone with Curved display
New Infinix phone has Curved display and wireless coil in the middle

What other surprise is Infinix Mobile planning with this device? We really don’t know but maybe a 5G? We can’t rule out that possibility considering that the company has publicly stated it will bring its first 5G device this year.

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But on a second thought, with these leaks, this device is already sophisticated as it is. And including a 5G capability might make the device really expensive (something that Infinix Mobile is not known for).

So far we know the incoming Infinix Phone will be the first Wireless charging phone of the company, it will also support 160W fast charge, and come with maybe 108MP main camera sensor.

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Infinix is bringing all these changes due to the fact that they wan to compete in the European market. It’s sister company “Tecno Mobile” is also very much interested in same market. And with the released of the Tecno Phantom X, Tecno is set to storm the European market.

More updates about the first wireless charging Infinix Phone is expected to drop soon. So, keep watching this space. What do you think about an Infinix phone with Wireless charging feature? tell us via your comment below.

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