With so many news and rumors making the internet about the Infinix Zero X, its very easy for one to anticipate the smartphone. Infinix Mobile has come out to set an official date for the launch of the Infinix Zero X series.

The official date for the launch of the Infinix Zero X series is September 13th. We’re expecting to see three phones released under this series; the Infinix Zero M (or Neo), the Zero X, and Zero X Pro.

The Infinix Zero X Pro will be the most premium and most expensive. But all phones in the Zero X series is expected to come with OLED display. For the first time, we’re expecting to see an Infinix smartphone with 108MP sensor, OIS, and a 60x periscope lens.

Infinix Zero X Event
Infinix Zero X Event

Infinix Zero M (or Neo) is expected to be the lowest model in this series while the Zero X is the middle child. Officially, very little is known about the smartphones in the series. But @Maii_HD has given a glimpse of how the Zero X Pro will look like and shared some key specifications.

This launch event is coming a day before the Apple Event for iPhone 13 series. We have to wait and see all the devices Infinix Mobile will release on September 13th. The Infinix launch event has been tagged #From ZerotoHero. Which suggests that the company has some surprise for its users.

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