The Infinix S5 pro has been very popular in recent times and its due to its pop up selfie camera. When it was first seen online, it was rumored that it will be called the Infinix S6. But giving the time frame between the release of the Infinix S5 and Infinix S5 Lite, we know that the company won’t release the Infinix S6 just yet.

While the Infinix S5 Pro is said to debut by third week of February in India (most likely February 18-20), we are here to actually show you some few real things we have about the incoming smartphone.

What are the things we know so far about the Infinix S5 Pro, well just read on.

1. Chipset (SOC): According to @Maii_HD on YouTube, the smartphone is likely to be powered by the Mediatek G90 SOC. If this is to be true, it therefore means that the S5 pro will allow game and movie lovers to utilize the full screen made available by the pop up selfie camera.

2. Battery Capacity: @Maii_HD also said that the incoming Infinix S5 pro will have a 5000mAh battery to keep it alive and running. Well for a phone coming with a gaming chipset, it definitely does need a big battery to keep it running for a long time.

3. Back Camera: It is said that this new infinix smartphone will have four cameras at the back. With a 48 megapixel main shooter, wide camera, dedicated macro camera and depth sensor.

4. Pop Selfie Camera: It seems infinix will the be first to jump in on this new technology as we await the likes of Tecno and Gionee to get in on the act soon. The Infinix S5 pro is said to be coming with a 32 megapixel pop up or rising selfie camera.

5. Display Size and Type: Its display type will likely be an IPS LCD display. While there is a likely upgrade in the chipset, it seems will still have to wait for Infinix to produce more phone with AMOLED display. The display size will be about 6.4-6.7 inches.

6. RAM and Internal Storage (ROM): Information reaching us is that this new phone will come in two variants. A 4GB RAM and 64GB Internal Storage(ROM) and a 6GB RAM and 128GB Internal Storage(ROM). There will also be a space for microSD card for external storage.

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A wide screen, a pop up selfie camera, a 5000mAh and a gaming chipset suggests that Infinix Mobile is really looking out to attract game lovers and movie freaks to buy this new phone. Which we think might just work considering the price tag of the incoming smartphone.

Above are the things we know so far about the incoming Infinix S5 pro. But note that these specifications can be modified by Infinix anytime. We await the official release of the specs by third week of February. Keep watching this space for more updates.

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