Infinix Zero 8 vs Redmi Note 9s: We have sure seen lots if interesting budget mid-range smartphone this year. Infinix Note 7, Tecno Camon 15 Premier, Redmi Note 9s just to name a few.

Yes, Redmi Note 9s was the better phone among all the phones above. It was even better than the more expensive Galaxy A51 released by Samsung. But, what happens with the release of the Infinix Zero 8? Let’s find out.

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This post is about comparing the newly released Infinix Zero 8 and Redmi Note 9s. We’ll be comparing the specifications of both phones side by side. Then you’ll see which one is actually best for buying.

Phone comparisons are not always easy. This is true considering that people use phones for different reasons. But, what we’ll focus on here is overall user experience and value for money. It’s good you buy a phone that is actually worth the money right?

To get this comparison started, it’s good you know that Redmi Note 9s is currently the best budget mid-range phone. Prior to the release of the Infinix Zero 8, no other mid-range smartphone offer so much value for such a small money.

Infinix Note 7, Tecno Camon 15, Galaxy A51 were/are good phones but Redmi Note 9s, was/is in a league of it’s own.

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With the above out of the way, let’s see if this new mid-range device can outdo the Redmi Note 9s and possibly steal it’s shine.

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We’ll now kick things off with comparing the features of these phones.

Infinix Zero 8 vs Redmi Note 9s

Infinix Zero 8 is produced by Infinix Mobile while the Redmi Note 9s is produced by Xiaomi. This is the very first difference between these two phones.

This comparison is going to be based strictly on the paper specifications of both phones. At the end, you’ll get to decide which is better between the Infinix Zero 8 and Redmi Note 9s.

Now its time for us to start the comparison proper. And we are starting from the network connectivity of both phones.

Infinix Zero 8 vs Redmi Note 9s: Network Connectivity

There is no 5G connectivity for both phones and given the market where Infinix and Redmi phones are mostly sold, there is no need for this features. Most countries where these phones are sold are yet to have working 5G network.

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Which means having a 5G phone in these regions will be useless. Plus that technology would have increased the prices of these smartphones.

Infinix Zero 8 vs Redmi Note 9s: Build, Design and Display

Both phone were built with same material (front glass, plastic back and plastic frame). The punch hole of the Redmi Note 9s is placed at the middle while that of the Infinix Zero 8 is placed at the top left side.

Although both phones comes with an IPS LCD display type, the Infinix Zero 8 has a bigger 6.9 inch display while the Redmi Note 9s has a smaller 6.67 inch.

You can see the difference of both phones at first sight. Zero 8 comes with a diamond shaped rear camera set up which is very different from the square like rear camera set up of the Note 9s.

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Another first difference you’ll notice is the bigger punch hole of the Zero 8 which houses a dual selfie camera.

The dual selfie camera and diamond shaped rear camera of the Zero 8 is something you can’t simply ignore. But, the single punch hole beauty of the Note 9s can’t be underrated.

One reason why you might want to buy the Zero 8 is that it’s display comes with 90Hz smooth refresh rate. This is a huge jump over the Redmi Note 9s in the display category.

Infinix Zero 8 vs Redmi Note 9s: Operating System and Chipset

Both phones run on the latest Android 10 Software along with their own various skin software. You’ll get everything Android 10 has to offer in both phones, so there really isn’t much difference here.

When it comes to the SOC that powers both phones, things get a little bit shaken up here. For starters, both phones use chipsets from different companies.

Redmi Note 9s uses the Qualcomm SM7125 Snapdragon 720G while the Infinix Zero 8 uses MediaTek Helio G90T. Both chipset are very good gaming chipset from Qualcomm and MediaTek respectively.

We’ll have to wait to see the live tests to see which one has better heat management and smooth gaming experience.

To be fair, MediaTek gaming chipset in mid-range smartphones have always been great but lags behind when it comes to heat management. An area were Qualcomm mid-range chipset have always come on top.

For now, we are calling this a tie breaker until we see reasons to update this post in coming weeks. With that said, let’s turn our attention to the storage of both phones.

Infinix Zero 8 vs Redmi Note 9s: Internal Storage and RAM

The Redmi Note 9s comes with 6GB RAM and 64/128GB Internal Storage which is good. Infinix Zero 8 comes with 6/8GB RAM and 128/256GB Internal Storage. Both phones have options for external storage which is very good.

A 6GB RAM is more than you will get in most premium mid-range smartphones. You remember the iPhone SE 2020 that costs about $400? Yes, that phone comes with a smaller RAM.

Infinix Zero 8 vs Redmi Note 9s: Camera

The Infinix Zero 8 comes with a 64MP main camera while the Redmi Note 9s comes with a 48MP main camera (Redmi Note 9 Pro and Pro Max comes with 64MP). Both phones have decent camera but given that the camera of the Zero 8 will use a more recent software, we expect it to perform better.

Both phones comes with a quad camera set up. As stated earlier, the diamond shaped for Zero 8 and the somewhat squared shape for Note 9s.

Upfront, the Zero 8 comes with a 48 + 8MP dual selfie camera while the Redmi Note 9s comes with a single 16MP camera. Both phones can record 4K videos, have gyro-EIS features enabled.

But, the Zero 8 comes with 960fps slow mo feature which is not available in the Redmi Note 9s. If you like taking slow mo videos, then the Zero 8 is your choice of phone here.

Infinix Zero 8 vs Redmi Note 9s: Battery

Infinix Zero 8 has a 4500 mAh battery with 33W fast charge which is below the 5020 mAh battery found in the Redmi Note 9s. The battery of the Note 9s will last longer than that of the Zero 8.

Infinix Zero 8 vs Redmi Note 9s: Prices

The expected starting price of the Infinix Zero 8 is $300, 117,000 Naira while the starting price of the Redmi Note 9s is $250, 97,000 Naira.

As you can see, the Redmi Note 9s is the more affordable phone between these two. Well, its decision time and its time for you to make a pick between these two phones. But below is our conclusion about these phones.

Given the value it brings, the Infinix Zero 8 is the better phone to buy from this comparison. It offers everything that the Redmi Note 9s offers and more. It brings some extra things to the table.

Buying the Infinix Zero 8 instead of the Redmi Note 9s means you have to spend extra money but it’ll be worth it.

This is not to say in anyway that the Redmi Note 9s is a bad phone. Infact, the price attached with the Note 9s is enough to ditch other phones for it. But when placed with the Zero 8, it falls a little behind.

When you get the Infinix Zero 8, you’ll see the difference of the extra cash right from the display. A full HD resolution, a dual selfie camera, decent chipset, 90Hz refresh rate, more camera quality and features.

So, this is the comparison between the Infinix Zero 8 vs Redmi Note 9s. Tell us what you think about these phones and which would you prefer to buy and why. Use the comment section below.

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