Infinix Zero X Teardown: Infinix made lots of claims when it launched the Infinix Zero X series. And some of the claims seems too good to be true for most users considering the price of the phone. A smartphone with 5x periscope lens, 120Hz and a 64MP camera with OIS and it cost $365 is shocking.

What is more shocking is the fact that Infinix Mobile claims that the Infinix Zero X supports 120Hz refresh rate. But the MediaTek Helio G95 chip inside only have support for 90Hz refresh rate at mx. So, how did the company achieved this?

Well, the Inside Man from Tech Rann on YouTube did a complete teardown video of the Infnix Zero X. From the inside review, the Inside Man confirmed that the Infinix Zero X did come with a Periscope lens.

The video uploaded on the Tech Rann channel also showed how Infinix Managed to get the 120Hz refresh rate to work in the Zero X.

Infinix made use of a secondary intelligent display chip by MediaTek known as MiraVision. The sole purpose of this chip is to increase the framerate and resolution of the display on the Zero X.

Infinix Zero X chips
Infinix Zero X chips

So, the MediaTek Helio G95 does not support 120Hz but the MiraVision chip is doing all the 120Hz refresh rate job. This is a smart move and from our experience using the device, the collaboration between the Helio G95 and MiraVison chip is working very well.

To see the chip, periscope lens, 64MP OIS camera and other cool stuff, please watch the full Teardown video of the Zero X from tech Rann channel below.

Video: Infinix Zero X Teardown

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