Intel 13th Gen Core HX-Series CPUs: The Intel 13th Gen Core HX-Series are for laptops or let me say, they are mobile processors. This means that your next-gen gaming laptops or mobile workstations will be powered by one of the HX processors.

Intel Core i9-13980HX: Starting with the flagship Core i9-13980HX, features 24 cores, and it will boost up to 5.6 GHz. While the Core i9-13950HX and Core i9-13900HX feature 5.5 and 5.4 GHz boosts respectively.

Intel 13th Gen Core HX-Series

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Intel Core i7-13850HX: Laptops that are powered by the Core i7-13850HX will be cheaper than the flagship Core i9 while maintaining top-flight performance too. This feature 20 cores and 28 threads with a boost frequency of up to 5.3GHz.

Intel Core i5-13600HX: This has 14 Cores and 20 threads with a 4.8GHz boost frequency. However, Core i5-13500HX and Core i5-13450HX have 4.7GHz and 4.6GHz frequencies respectively.

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The Intel 13th Gen Core HX-Series processors are made for gamers and creators. According to Intel, the Core i9-13980HX is the world’s fastest mobile CPU. In subsequent posts, we’ll update you guys about the laptops that are using these various processors. However, for now, Lenovo, Asus, Dell, HP, Acer, MSI, Razer, Samsung, etc have all confirmed partnerships with Intel.


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