Intel 13th Gen P-Series and U-Series Processors: Alongside the powerful Intel 13th Gen Core HX-Series and H-series processors, Intel also announced the P and U-series processors for thin and light laptops.

The most powerful models of the P-series feature 12 and 14-core configurations with 28W power envelopes and up to 24MB L3 cache. On the other hand, the U-series CPUs have up to 10 cores with 12MB L3 cache and a 15W base power.

Even though both models of processors serve similar purposes, however, the P-series are more powerful and faster in performance than the U-series.

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Laptops that use the P-series processors will not require discrete GPU for gaming. Moreover, the P-Series and U-Series processors will be used to power business laptops. Light and thin laptops for daily or office usage.

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