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Intel Core i7-13700K vs Core i7-12700K: Is Newer Better? 

Intel Core i7-13700k vs Core i7-12700k: Should you upgrade from last year’s Intel Core i7 Adler-Lake CPU to the latest Core i7 Raptor Lake? Both CPUs are mid-range desktop processors from Intel, however, the company has bumped up the specs of the 13th generation Core i7. But how much of an improvement? Let’s find out.

We’re going to compare the Intel Core i7-13700k vs Core i7-12700k to see which of these two desktop CPUs is the new mid-range king. Also, you can make use of the box at the bottom of this post to purchase either of them from October 20.

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Price and Availability

Intel maintained the pricing of yesteryear. At launch, both CPUs were priced the same- $409. However, it is normal to expect the Core i7 12th generation CPU to drop in price because of the arrival of the new 13th-gen processor. So technically, last year’s Core i7-12700k is more affordable.

And In terms of their availability, the Intel Core i7-12700k is widely available for purchase. While its successor, the newly announced Intel Core i7-13700k will start selling on October 20, 2022. You can use the box at the bottom of this post to purchase either of these CPUs.

Socket Compatibility

What socket will Intel 13th Gen CPU use? The Intel Core i7 13th-Gen CPU will use the same LGA1700 CPU socket used by 12th-Gen Alder Lake chips. And since 13th Gen supports Z690 as well as Z790, you can continue with your existing motherboard.

Intel Core i7-13700k vs Core i7-12700k
Intel Core i7-13700k vs Core i7-12700k

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Intel bumped up the specs of the Core i7-13700k processor. Which now has 8 Performing-cores and 8 Efficiency-cores, with a total thread count of 24. It has a 24MB L2 cache and a 30MB L3 cache. And can boost up to 5.4GHz on the P-cores and 4.2GHz on the E-cores.

SpecsIntel Core i7-13700kIntel Core i7-12700k
Boost Clock5.4GHz5.0GHz
iGPUUHD 770UHD 770
CPU SocketLGA 1700LGA 1700
Intel Core i7-13700k vs Core i7-12700k

So when compared on paper, the latest Core i7-13700k has higher cores and higher threads than the Core i7 12th-gen. This is to say the new Core i7-13700k has a better multi-threaded performance than its predecessor. Especially when gaming or doing some software runs.

Normally, raw performance is different from specs on paper, and If we should go by the test scores on Geekbench, the Intel Core i7-13700k scored 2,090 points in the single-core test and 16,542 points in the multi-core. In some cases, the points are even higher. So when put into comparison to the predecessor, the Intel Core i7-13700k is faster than the Core i7-12700k by 10% in single-core and 17% in multi-core tests.

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Intel Core i7-13700k vs Core i7-12700k: Verdict

The latest Intel Core i7 13th-gen is better and faster than the Intel Core i7-12700k. Both desktop processors are good, but the new generation is a leap ahead. In summary, the Core i7-13700k has more physical cores and more cores enhance performance. Additionally, the Core i7-13700k has a larger cache size and up to 8% higher Turbo Boost frequency. Use the details in the table below to buy any of these processors.

Intel Core i7-13700kPrices
Buy on Amazon$493.25
Buy on Amazon(UK)£544.37
Buy on Amazon(EUR)€539.00
Intel Core i7-12700KPrices
Buy on Amazon$377.99
Buy on Amazon(UK)£433.48
Buy on Amazon(EUR)€432.00






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