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Intel Core i9-14900K vs Intel Core i9-13900K: Which is Better?

The Intel Core i9-14900K vs Intel Core i9-13900K comparison will help you to know the differences and similarities. Which in turn would help you to decide whether to upgrade or not. Below are five factors to consider.

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Price | Availability

First, is the pricing. At launch, both processors have a price of $590 for the K variant with integrated GPU. While the KF model is cheaper at $574. You can use the boxes underneath to buy either of them.

intel core i9-14900kPrices
Buy on Amazon$599.00
Buy on Amazon(UK)£648.99
Intel Core i9-13900KPrice
Buy on Amazon US$599.99
Buy on Amazon EUR€589.37
Buy on Amazon UK£503.86

Inter Core i9-14900k is faster

Next is the performance. The Intel Core i9-14900k is faster than the Core i9-13900k. The Intel Core i9-14900K hits a 6Ghz max turbo frequency. This fit is very important for gamers as it will improve their gaming performance.

Intel Core i9-14900K vs Intel Core i9-13900K

Future Proof- ThunderBolt 5

Intel Core i9-14900k supports ThunderBolt 5. This is a new technology for USB connections, with a bandwidth of 80Gbps to double the speed of data transfers when using a supported cable. In contrast, the Intel Core i9-13900k only supports Thunderbolt 4 (40Gbps).

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Advanced Wireless Support

The Intel Core i9-14900k supports Wi-Fi 7. This brings significant performance. In contexts, Wi-Fi 7 offers a peak rate of 40Gbps, making it 4x speedier than Wi-Fi 6E. This once again, put the Core i9 14th-gen ahead of the Core i9-13900k.

The New Intel Application Optimisation

Lastly, Intel Core i9-14900K brings the new Intel Application Optimisation. The new optimizing app was developed to improve application threading and thread scheduling on the operating system to better take advantage of the hybrid architecture of these chips. Intel showed up to a 16% improvement in select titles with the new feature.

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Intel Core i9-14900K vs Intel Core i9-13900K: Conclusion

Intel Core i9-14900k is better than Intel Core i9-13900k. The new 14th Gen is faster in performance and offers newer technology in terms of USB and wireless connectivity. But upgrading might not be necessary if you don’t need it.






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