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iPad Pro 2024 vs iPad Pro 2022: Which is Better?

iPad Pro 2024 vs iPad Pro 2022: This may also be known as M4 iPad Pro vs M2 iPad Pro or even iPad Pro M4 vs iPad Pro M2. So much confusion around the names, but whichever name you are familiar with is fine. So what’s the difference between these two tablets? And which one is right for you? And assuming you had the older model, should you upgrade to the newer 2024 version? See your answers below.

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iPad Pro 2024 vs iPad Pro 2022 Comparisons

1. Newer iPad Pro (2024) is more Expensive

One thing you should keep in mind is that the latest M4 iPad Pro (2024) is more expensive. It has a starting price of $999 for the 11-inch model and $1300 for the 13-inch model. In contrast, the older model- iPad Pro (2022) was launched at a cheaper price of $799 for the 11-inch model and $1,099 for the 12.9-inch version. So you can simply see that the newer iPads are $200 more expensive. But why?

2. iPad Pro (2024) has a better display

One major reason why the new M4 iPad Pro 2024 is more expensive is because of the new OLED display that was introduced. That completely changed my experience of using an Apple tablet for the better. The iPad Pro 2024 has a brighter and more vibrant screen than the older iPad Pro 2022.

For example, the new iPad Pro has a max brightness of 1600 nits. In contrast, the older model could only achieve 1000 nits at peak level. Why so? This is because the older model was using an LCD panel and LCD panels have a lot of limitations. Thus, for premium YouTube and Netflix consumption, the iPad Pro 2024 is the best.

iPad Pro 2024 vs iPad Pro 2022

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3. The Storage is now bigger on the new iPad Pro (2024)

With the new iPads, you’ll have a base storage configuration of 256GB. In contrast, the 2022 iPad Pro started with 128 GB storage. Why does this matter? Because there’s no room for an external SD card, getting a larger internal storage by default is a win for you. But whether it’s worth the extra $200 is left for you to decide.

4. iPad Pro 2024 has a faster Performance

The iPad Pro 2024 vs iPad Pro 2022 performance comparison is an interesting one. Here is one fact to keep in mind. Both tablets are extremely fast and none will ever lag in operation. However, if you’re compelled to choose, the iPad Pro 2024 is 1.5x faster than the iPad Pro 2022.

To achieve this speed, Apple upgraded the chip to a newer one. The iPad Pro 2024 is powered by a newer M4 chip which is almost twice faster than the M2 chip inside the old iPad Pro 2022. Both tablets are paired with 8/16 GB of RAM.

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5. Camera Comparison

iPad Pro (2024) has a single rear camera of 12MP with LiDAR and a new “adaptive True Tone flash” + the front camera is now lined horizontally which is a welcome development. However, unlike the newer iPad M4 with a single rear camera, the old iPad Pro 2022 features dual rear cameras.

Verdict: iPad Pro 2024 vs iPad Pro 2022

The iPad Pro 2024 is a worthy upgrade from the iPad Pro 2022. When it comes to design, display, and performance, Apple has proven that the new iPad Pro M4 or iPad Pro 2024 is the fastest and most advanced tablet ever made by them.






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