Apple iPhone 14 eSim-only models could be released in some key selected markets. This means some models of the forthcoming iPhone 14 may not have a physical sim slot. According to new reports, Apple has notified carriers in the US and other EU countries to get ready for an eSim-only device.

Apple will not at once make the full switch from physical sim to virtual sim (eSim). Rather the process will be a gradual one. So this year’s model there will be physical and eSim only variants. If consumers should embrace the eSim technology wholeheartedly, it means subsequent years Apple will consider switching fully to that technology but as we said earlier, it’s a gradual something.

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One advantage of removing the physical sim is that it will free up more space for other components inside the phone. Another advantage is that telecom companies could easily roll out a security update to all users at once.

For now, Apple may pioneer this move but it’s just a matter of time before other Android companies will jump into the trend of producing an Android eSim-only device. If an iPhone 14 eSim-only device is made possible this fall, by next year trust Samsung to follow a similar route.

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