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Samsung will copy Apple and bring an iPhone 14 feature to Galaxy S23

Samsung to bring an iPhone 14 feature to Galaxy S23: Smartphone brands have always copied each other and it seems Samsung is about to copy Apple. According to a recent report, the incoming Samsung Galaxy S23 phones will have an iPhone 14 feature. The iPhone 14 phones are the only phones to feature the Emergency SOS via Satellite connectivity but not for long.

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Samsung to bring an iPhone 14 feature to Galaxy S23

A new report from ETNews has hinted that Samsung has plans to bring the satellite connectivity feature in its incoming Samsung Galaxy S23 phones. This means that just like the iPhone 14 phones, users of the Galaxy S23 phones will be able to connect to a nearby Satellite and send text messages to emergency services in areas where there is no Wi-Fi or Cellular coverage.

iPhone Emergency SOS via Satellite

But, Samsung won’t be using the same Satellite provider as Apple iPhone. Samsung will be working with Iridium Communications to provide satellite communications to the Galaxy S23 phones. For context, Apple is working with Global Star to provide satellite communication on the iPhone 14 phones and Huawei is using Beidou satellites to bring a similar feature to the Huawei Mate 50 Pro phones.

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So, one of the features that made the iPhone 14 phone unique will be coming to an Android phone next year. But, there is confirmation if this feature will be available for all the Galaxy S23 phones that will be sold in every region. Remember that Apple’s Emergency SOS via Satellite is currently available in Canada and the US with a promise of it coming to some selected countries in Europe in December.

Galaxy S22 displays

This means iPhone 14 users in African and Asian countries cannot use this service. If Samsung could make its own text via satellite available in more regions, this would be great and might drive sales for the incoming Samsung Galaxy S23 phones.

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It is also important to note that with this feature coming to the Galaxy S23 phones, there might be a slight shift in the price of the phone. This means, the Galaxy S23 phones might be slightly more expensive but it’ll be nice if the price remains the same as its predecessor.

But, what do you think about the Galaxy S23 phones getting the satellite connectivity feature? Do you think it’s a great feature or just a gimmick? Please share your opinion with us in the comment section below.






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