For its next iPhone 15 series, it seems Apple will be doing more than just changing its naming convention. According to some reports, Apple will change the name of the highest model of the iPhone 15 from PRO Max to Ultra. So, instead of having an iPhone 15 Pro Max, we’ll be getting an iPhone 15 Ultra. Now, leaks and rumors about the cameras of the iPhone 15 Ultra have started coming in.

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The Cupertino Company is said to be working on the main camera of the iPhone 15 Ultra and its main camera could be almost a 1-inch sensor. This means the device will have a bigger camera sensor than the one in the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max.

As per the leak, by Ice-Universe, the iPhone 15 Ultra will use the Sony IMX903 sensor as its primary camera. The Sony IMX903 is almost 1 inch, 1/1.14 inches which is a bigger sensor than the Sony IM803 sensor, which is 1/1.28 inches in the 14 Pro Max.

iPhone 15 Ultra to come with an almost 1-inch sensor

For those who don’t know, a bigger camera sensor is good for the photography experience of a smartphone. A bigger camera sensor means the camera can take in more light and therefore naturally result in better images and higher resolution.

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For context, phones like Vivo X90 Pro+, Xiaomi 13 Ultra, and OPPO Find X6 Pro feature a 1-inch camera sensor and are among the best camera smartphones of 2023. So having a bigger camera sensor in the iPhone 15 Ultra coupled with Apple’s ISP processing will definitely result in better photos.

iPhone 15 Ultra camera Roundup (Rumor)

Previous rumor has it that the iPhone 15 Ultra will have a new periscope lens that’ll be able to do a 6x zoom (which is an upgrade from the current 3x zoom of the 14 Pro Max).

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max Review

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The camera roundup or the expected camera sensors in the incoming iPhone 15 Ultra is likely to include the Sony IMX903 is almost 1 inch, 1/1.14, a new telephoto periscope lens, an ultra-wide lens, a TOF 3D sensor, and a 12MP front camera paired with an SL 3D lidar sensor for biometrics.

According to the report so far, only the iPhone 15 Ultra will be getting the bigger camera sensor and new periscope lens. All things being equal, the iPhone 15 Pro might have a similar camera sensor as the 14 Pro Max and the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus might not see a huge change in their camera system.

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As with every other rumor, we encourage you to take this rumor with a pinch of salt. But as we get closer to the release of the iPhone 15 phones, more leaks, rumors, and updates will surface. Some will make it to the final product others won’t but overall, these rumors will give you an idea of what to expect.

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