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iPhone 16 Pro will feature 120mm Zoom Lens of the 15 Pro Max

When Apple launched the iPhone 15 series last few months ago, only the 15 Pro Max had a 120mm zoom lens. But that will change in 2024 as Apple is set to incorporate the 120mm zoom lens into the smaller iPhone 16 Pro in 2024.

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That means both the 16 Pro Max and 16 Pro will be on par in terms of photography next year. But how will Apple achieve this feat?

iPhone 16 Pro will feature 120mm Zoom Lens

The tech company will turn to molded glass lenses for the 2024 Pro models’ telephoto cameras. Molded glass lenses are lighter and slimmer than traditional ground glass at the same magnification distance. Thus with that, both iPhone 16 Pro models will have 120mm telephoto lenses.







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