Some iPhone and iPad users are upgrading to the iOS 15 a little more slower than the iOS 14 in its time. As at the time of writing this post, about 63% of all iOS devices ran iOS 15. But what could be the reason for the slow adoption?

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According to the info gotten from the Apple’s Developer portal which also details the install statistics for iPads, 72% of iPhones introduced in the last four years boot iOS 15. That somehow lags behind iOS 14 and its 81% install rate about a year ago.

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A primary reason for the adoption rate decline could be because of Apple’s recent policy of no longer requiring users to update to the latest OS version to get the most recent security updates.

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It might also be because of the UI changes, specifically, the redesiged Safari, which moved the address bar from up of the Web interface to the bottom. Many iOS users didn’t buy the idea of that safari’s redesign. Perhaps a reason for them declining the iOS 15 update.

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