The first iPhone to use USB-C could arrive in 2023 according to Apple analyst, Kuo. In his recent tweet, Kuo indicated that the Apple iPhone 15 is to switch from lightning to USB-C. This will be a welcome development if it should happen.

Although the analyst also made it clear that not until the second half of 2023 before the iPhone 15 with USB-C will arrive. One apparent explanation for Apple’s change in heart is pressure being placed upon it by the EU. It’s the EU’s desire for Apple to adopt USB-C on all iPhones, iPads, and AirPods sold in Europe.

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The adoption of USB-C by Apple would make a lot of sense. It would ease workflow, make it easier to transfer files and be supported by a broader ecosystem of USB-C accessories. Although most of Apple’s tablets (iPad) already feature USB-C for faster transfer speeds from accessories such as cameras etc.

We look forward to the nearest future when Apple will ditch the Lightning for USB-C in 2023. As Kuo said, the USB-C would improve transfer speeds on the ‌iPhone‌ and improve charging speeds.

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