iOS 14.6 Overheats and Drains Battery: About a week after the release of the new Apple iOS 14.6 for iPhone users, more users are complaining that the new iOS 14.6 overheats and it drains battery.

The guys over at iAppleBytes drew attention to this issue on YouTube last week. In the video they said:

iOS 14.6 Final was released on May 24th. The version released is the same as the RC 2 release. Same build number 18F72


We saw horrific results in battery performance with iOS 14.6 RC and Apple Released RC 2 just 4 days later. Hopefully this new release will improve the battery performance. We will see.

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iPhone users on Twitter, Reddit, and Apple’s support forums also complained about experiencing similar issues. One Reddit user asked “iPhone 12 mini – iOS 14.6 battery drain – any suggestions? Had it for less than 3 months”. This post has so far gathered more than 200 upvotes and hundreds of comments with confirming similar issues.

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Apple’s Communities support forums and Twitter are also been flooded with similar complaints. Another iPhone users on Twitter noted “iOS 14.6 produces significant battery drain, a reduction in battery health, the phone gets very hot. This is very noticeable when listening to podcasts. iPhone 11 Pro Max, 256 GB, iOS 14.6.”

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There is still no official confirmation as to what is conflicting with iOS 14.6 to cause this issue. A Reddit user shared a screenshot that shows abnormally high level of background activity from the Music App, whilst others have suggested AirTags could be the cause.

Other iPhone users have said that the Podcasts app and AirPlay have been causing very high battery drain, with at least one user finding “a big difference” in performance after reinstalling the app.

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One thing is sure from these complaints, this issue is clearly a software issue. A software update fro Apple will set things straight. And we’ll bring an update when there is a confirm fix.

So tell us, have you noticed any decrease in battery performance with the iOS 14.5? Let us know in the comments section below.


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