iTel Mobile recently announced that the iTel S16 series is now available for purchase in Nigeria. There are two phones in the iTel S16 series; the iTel S16 and iTel S16 Pro. When the devices was launched back in October, the iTel S16 immediately became available for purchase. But for some reasons, the iTel S16 Pro was not available until now.

But, are there any reasons why you should probably consider buying any of the iTel S16 phones? Actually, we can think of at the least 5 reasons why you should buy any if the iTel S16 series. And we have listed them below in no particular order.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Buy iTel S16

1. Price

This should be the very first reason why you might want to buy the iTel S16. The prices of these phones is very affordable. For example, the iTel S16 (1GB RAM, 16GB Internal Storage) cost about 31,000 Naira, the iTel S16 Pro (2GB RAM, 32GB Internal Storage) cost about 39,000 Naira while the 4G model of the iTel S16 Pro (2GB RAM, 32GB Internal Storage) cost about 44,000 Naira.

Considering the prices of phones recently, its very comfortable to say that the prices of this new iTel phone is very affordable. When you think about getting 3G, 4G, good battery, cameras, fingerprint scanner etc for just a little above 30,000 Naira, its a fair deal.

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2. Camera

If you like taking pictures then you have another reason to buy this device. This phone come with 8MP triple rear camera. These cameras are AI with lots of features that will help enhance the quality of your photos.

There is also a 2MP macro lens and a depth sensor to help you take those portrait photos. If you love selfie, there is an AI camera with beauty feature that gives you that nice cool selfie photos. For the price you are paying to get this phone, you would love it.

3. Design and Build

At first sight, you’ll love to hold this phone. It has a plastic back, plastic frame and glass front. When it come to design, it has slight edges that curves very nicely, while there is a simple and nice punch hole at the front that houses the front camera.

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Holding this phone is very easy as its very light and very thin. According to iTel Mobile, the 8.3mm Super Slim Unibody Design for Super Stylish You. So, it can easily fit into your pocket, bag, pulse with ease.

4. Operating System, Software and CPU

You get to enjoy Android 10 (Go Edition) operating system with all its features. The User Interface software is design to help you navigate through the device with super ease.

You also get to enjoy a CPU with quad core processor which is capable of getting the job done. You can multitask, browse the internet and play games at a relatively good speed.

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5. Battery and Sensors

There is a 4000mAh battery which will take you for a very long time. Then there are lots of sensors but the rear mounted Fingerprint and Face Unlock feature tops the list.

Overall, the iTel S16 series are list of phones you can buy without having to break the box. Its cheap, classy and offer value for money. You can buy this phone from stores across the country.

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