One of the biggest online market place in Africa is planning on giving out some goodies for those that love shopping online and we are here to give you heads up. Jumia Tech Week is a 7 days period you would not like to miss and for good reasons. Trust me, there are whole lots of things you can enjoy during this 7 days dedicated to buying tech gadgets at discounted prices and we are here to help you.

What is Jumia Tech Week?

Formerly known as Jumia Mobile Week, the Jumia Tech week is a 7 day dedicated to selling tech gadgets at discounted prices. These tech gadgets includes, Android Phones, Apple iPhone, Laptops (all brands), smart televisions, smart wearable, etc.

Starting 23rd-30th March 2020, the year 2020 edition of the Tech Week on Jumia will be officially open and customers can buy these gadgets at incredibly cheap prices.

Some will say that the Jumia Tech week is the biggest sale of tech items in Africa and i would think twice before arguing with them. But, how can you join, participate and benefit during this 7 day of tech shopping goodies from Jumia? We have made it very simple by putting this article together. All you need to know is right here, so just read on.

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Understanding the Tech Week by Jumia

There is a schedule on how the week will actually be going. Jumia plan on doing, Flash sales, Solve and Win (Puzzle), Live Giveaways and Spin and Win. Lets try and break down the above

Flash Sales: Flash sales are usually quick drastic drop in prices of items been sold. You can get as much as 70% off during flash sales. During the Tech Week by Jumia, there will be daily flash sales starting 2PM. What this means is, if you want to buy any Tech product at a very cheap price then you have to be available by 2PM everyday to cart in these items. So, don’t miss out if you are for this.

Solve and Win (Puzzle): This is usually some random puzzle that you have to solve and if you get them right you get the items for free. During the 7 days of tech sales, the Solve and Win will feature by 12PM everyday (or some days). So, if you want to cart in some things for free, then you have to be available to solve some puzzles. Note that you won’t be the only one solving these puzzles, you just have to be fast about it if you need the prize.

Live Giveaways: This one is pretty straight forward and you just have to be hooked on the site by 12PM daily to benefit from this. Note that only persons online can benefit from the Live Giveaways.

Spin and Win: Here is more of the try your luck feature for you. You just have to spin some electronic board on your phone screen and tech gadgets you see is what you get. This feature will be available by 12PM daily during the Tech Week.

So, you can see that you have multiple ways to actually get more out of the Jumia Tech Week (Jumia Mobile Week). That been said, lets show you how to join this 7 days of tech sales from Jumia.

How to Join Jumia Tech Week

It is pretty simple and the fact that you can read this article means you have about 80% of the things you need.

  • A mobile phone or laptop (just about anything you can use to access the internet)
  • Jumia mobile App (for Android Phone and Apple iPhone users not necessary for web users)
  • You also need to have mobile data to access the internet ( You can check out this list of MTN Nigeria Data)
  • Power supply to keep your phone or electronic device alive for seven days.
  • Go to the Tech Week website (see link below)
  • Well, you are just about set to enjoy the Tech Week by Jumia.

How To Participate in Tech Week By Jumia

Now that you know how to join, lets talk about how you can actually participate. Below you’ll get to understand the Tech Week timetable, this way you can better understand what time of the day during the week to start shopping.

  • Go to Jumia Tech Week site
  • Download the Jumia App ( this will unlock some discounted sales for Android Phone and Apple iPhone users)
  • Participate by buying any tech gadgets that interest you.
  • Play any of the Jumia online game from 12PM-2PM daily

Benefits of the Jumia Tech Week

  • Buy smartphones at discounted prices
  • Televisions and other tech gadgets are also available for purchase at cheap prices
  • If you are fortunate enough, you won’t even have to pay for any products
  • Free deliveries for some products
  • You can buy all brands of technology which includes Samsung, Apple, LG etc.

Remember, the 2020 edition of the Jumia Tech week starts 23rd of March and ends 30th of March. So keep a date with Jumia and enjoy shopping all you favorite tech gadgets at cheap prices and even perhaps for free.

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