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Latest Infinix Phones: Prices and Specifications

Latest Infinix Phones: We are now in the age where Mobile phone companies seems to release new phone every week. Infinix Mobile have released series of Android phones including their best Mobile phone yet.

In this post, we’ll be showing you all the latest phones from Infinix. This list of latest Infinix phones will be updated anytime there is a new phone from the company. So, we advice you bookmark this page and visit often to get the updated list of the phones from Infinix.

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Latest Infinix Phones, Prices and Specifications

  1. Infinix Zero 8
  2. Infinix Note 8
  3. Infinix Hot 10
  4. Infinix Note 7
  5. Infinix Note 7 Lite
  6. Infinix Hot 9
  7. Infinix Hot 9 Play
  8. Infinix S5 Pro
  9. Infinix Smart 4
  10. Infinix S5

Infinix Zero 8

The Infinix Zero 8 series has two phones. There is the expensive Infinix Zero 8 and the more affordable Infinix Zero 8i. Both phones are good phones to buy but, the Zero 8i is a tuned down version of the Zero 8.

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You get MediaTek Helio G90T chipset with both phones. But there is a single selfie camera for the Zero 8i and it come with a smaller display size.  While the Zero 8 come with dual selfie camera and a bigger display size.

When it come to software, both phones are on also up to date. You’ll get Android 10 along with latest XOS 7 with both phones. There is a minimum of 4GB RAM and 64GB Internal Storage. Infinix also give option to expand storage via microSD card.

These phones are by far the most impressive Infinix Phones so far. From their hardware to the software and its pricing, you’ll be getting the right value for your money.

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Infinix Note 8

The Infinix Note 8 series also has two phones. There is the Infinix Note 8 and its younger sibling the Infinix Note 8i. Note 8i is the more affordable device in this series and not because inferior but just far short a little in specs.

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Think of the Note 8i as the tune down version of the Note 8. They run same MediaTek  Helio G80 gaming chip and have same 5200mAh battery with 18W fast charge feature available.

You get a dual selfie camera with the Infinix Note 8 but you get a single selfie camera with the Infinix Note 8i. Also, there is a bigger display available in the Note 8 and a bigger 64MP camera sensor.

These few changes are the reasons why the Infinix Note 8 is more expensive. But, when you buy the Note 8i, you will hardly notice the difference in performance as both uses same chipset.

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Infinix Hot 10

Infinix Hot 10 series also come with a lighter version of the Infinix Hot 10 lite. The reason for a second version is to help users buy a more affordable version of same device.

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There is Android 10 installed for both phones but the Infinix Hot 10 lite runs older XOS 6.2 skin software. You also get a MediaTek Helio G70 gaming chip which is better than the MediaTek Helio A20 chip of the Hot 10 Lite.

Infinix Hot 10 also come with 5200mAh battery while the Hot 10 Lite come with 5000mAh battery. If you love bigger screen then you have to buy the Hot 10 as it come with a bigger 6.78-inch display.

To be fair, the Infinix Hot 10 lite is made affordable for you, hence you see its features are no where close to matching up with the regular Hot 10. Good thing is, you also get to enjoy 4G network and have a long-lasting battery.

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Infinix Note 7

The Infinix Note 7 is not only the latest phone from Infinix but also the best phone yet. Infinix Note 7 was released in May 2020 and it’s a budget mid-range smartphone.

This new phone comes with one of the gaming chipset from MediaTek. It uses MediaTek Helio G70 which a good gaming chipset. There is also Android 10 installed and we hope to see upgrade to Android 11 in the future.

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A 48MP quad rear camera with a big 6.95 inch screen size makes worth the money. You also get to enjoy up to 128GB Internal Storage and 6GB of RAM all for less than $250.

There are other features of this phone that you should check out. Take a look at it’s design, rear camera set up, side mounted fingerprint. All this you can confirm from the Key specifications of Infinix Note 7.

Infinix Note 7 Lite

Infinix Note 7 Lite happens to be the second best phone from the company. This phone was released along with the Note 7 on May 2020 and it’s a more budget mid-range Android phone.

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Basically, you get everything in the Infinix Note 7 here. Same chipset, same build materials, battery and network connectivity. But, it has smaller screen size, rear mounted fingerprint, lower Internal Storage space and RAM size.

However, this phone is still a good buy as it cost lower than $190. Removing some features of the Note 7 while retaining the main features for a lower price is a nice bargain for you the buyers.

For you to understand buying the Infinix Note 7 Lite is a good bargain, you should see the key specifications of the phone. I bet you will like to buy the phone then.

Infinix Hot 9

Infinix Hot 9 is the upgrade of the Infinix Hot 8 released last year. This phone was released in May 2020 just sometime after the Infinix Note 7 series. But, this phone is a called the odd phone and there is a good reason why.

You see, Infinix have always used the MediaTek Helio A22 or P22 in most of it’s devices. But then, when releasing the Hot 9 they used an unpopular chipset known as the MediaTek Helio A25 which surprisingly an Octa-core processor.

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Here is the deal, the Helio A25 is not as powerful as the Helio P22 but more powerful than the Helio A22. I guess Infinix was looking for a middle ground. They needed a chipset that was relatively powerful but more affordable and boy was the Helio A25 just perfect.

We now have the live Unboxing and Review Video of this phone on our YouTube Channel. You can Click Here to watch the Video.

Other important features of this phone includes, Android 10 installed, Quad rear camera, zero big 5000mAh battery, 64GB Internal Storage with 3GB of RAM minimum.

The choice of chipset which makes it odd is also the factor that kept the phone within pricing range. With about $145 you can buy this phone. It will be wise if you check out the key specifications of the phone as well.

Infinix Hot 9 Play

This is the lower version of the regular Infinix Hot 9. It comes with a different design but with big display and big battery. The price of this phone is quite okay but would have been better if exchange rate were favourable.

Infinix Hot 9 Play cost about $134, N52,000 Naira. It comes with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage. Unlike the regular Hot 9, it comes with a quad-core processor.

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The MediaTek Helio A22 chipset is a low performing SOC so don’t expect to perform those high and heavy duty tasks with the phone.

Other interesting features of the Infinix Hot 9 Play includes, the Android 9 (Go Edition), 13MP dual back camera, 8 MP selfie camera and 6000mAh battery.

You also get to enjoy cool features like Face Unlock, fingerprint sensors and cruise the latest XOS 6.0 software. This phone is not all you might want but it gets the job done at a very affordable price.

Infinix S5 Pro

The Infinix S5 Pro is the first phone from Infinix with a pop up selfie camera and it cost about $240, N93,000 Naira. A phone that gives you full screen display and a pop up selfie camera technology is awesome. But it gets even better with it’s internal features.

This phone not only offers you the latest technology but also gives you the chipset and good camera quality to complement it. When it comes to its chipset, this phone uses the MediaTek Helio P35 which is an octa-core processor.

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It runs on latest Android 10 software along with infinix latest skin software the XOS 6.0 and it even gets more interesting in the camera section.

At the back, the phone comes with a 48MP triple camera while it comes with a 40MP pop up selfie camera at the front. Spotting the phone from a distance, its design is so sleek that it gives you that premium feel of using top mid-range phone.

To see the key features of this phone, we advice you read This Article. And YES, for all the features above, this phone is very affordable. This phone cost below $240 but depending on your location, price might be slightly higher or lower.

Infinix Smart 4

This phone is one of the Infinix phones of 2020 that was released on a low-key. By low-key i mean no popular advert, no offline and online event were held. Even though it was released long before Covid 19 was declared as pandemic.

My best guess is that Infinix did not make the release of this phone too public because of the Infinix S5 pro and Infinix Note 7 Series. Whatever the reason was, this phone is still a good buy.

The Infinix Smart 4 is a low-budget Android Phone. It comes with 4G network enabled, uses the chipset MediaTek Helio A22 which is a quad-core processor.

It has a 6.6 inch display size, runs Android 9 and comes with 1/2GB RAM and 16/32GB Internal Storage. There is fingerprint sensor and face unlock feature enabled. Comes with a 4000 mAh battery which is good.

In its camera sector, it comes with an 8MP dual rear camera and a 5MP front camera. What makes all this interesting is that the phone cost a little above $100. With about N38,000 Naira you can buy this phone and enjoy all the features above.

If you are looking for that phone that offers smartphone features at a very cheap price, the Smart 4 is one phone you should consider. Read This Article to see the key features and price of this new unknown infinix phone.

Infinix S5

Released back in 2019, the Infinix S5 is the first Infinix Phone with the ouch hole design. The reason why this phone is very attractive is because of the beautiful punch hole. But, this phone offers more than that in reality.

Ever heard of beauty with brains or beauty without brains? Well, this phone falls under the beauty with brains category. You might be wondering why? Below are some of the reasons why.

You see, not all phones manages to stay relevant for so long. Infinix S5 will also be a good buy in years to come. First, the phone comes with a 6.6 big display, then a 5000mAh battery with 4G network available. It gets even more interesting.

This phone also comes with a 6GB RAM and 128GB Internal Storage. There is Android 9 installed and MediaTek Helio P22 chipset with octa-core processor. In the camera segment, it comes with a 16MP triple rear camera and a 32MP selfie camera.

To be honest, if this phone gets Android 10 upgrade it will be super dope. I mean, even some modern phones release by the Infinix is struggling to compete with the features of this phone.

Yes, the Infinix S5 is was release before most phones but it is also in a league of its own. The price of this phone makes it even more interesting. It cost about $170, N67,000.

We have This Post to help you see the key specifications and price of this phone.

Where to buy The Latest Infinix Phones

There are lots of places to buy latest infinix phones both offline and online. We have listed some stores below. Some of these stores also have physical stores but some are strictly online.

  1. Pointek Stores: You can buy all new infinix phones from Pointek Store Online or offline. They have stores in ShopRite Shopping Malls across Nigeria.
  2. GSM Store NG: GSM Store NG is an online store that sells only phone and phone accessories. You can also buy new infinix phones here and have it delivered to you at home.
  3. Xpark NG: Xpark NG is a new online store that is closely linked with Infinix Mobile. They have all new infinix phones sold at official retail prices.
  4. Slot NG: Slot NG is another good place to buy all your latest Infinix Phones and have it delivered to you at home. They also have stores at ShopRite Shopping Malls across Nigeria. Click Here to see the address and phone numbers of the store in various states.
  5. 3C Hub: 3C HUB is an online and offline phone retail store. You can find their stores in ShopRite Shopping Malls across the country.
  6. Jumia NG: Jumia NG is a market place and just every other market place they sell latest infinix phones. Note that phones sold in Jumia is sold by individuals hence its price might be slightly more expensive. but they do have fast delivery system which is really good.
  7. Konga NG: Konga NG is just like Jumia above and they also have fast delivery system.
  8. Jiji NG: Jiji NG is a market which is a little different from Jumia and Konga above. Jiji also allows sales of fairly used phones which something you won’t see in Jumia and Konga. But, the prices in Jiji is more pocket friendly. Note: don’t pay before delivery when buying phone from Jiji.

Infinix phones are fast becoming among the best low-budget and mid-range Android Phones. And the interesting thing about technology is that it always improves. Which means we should expect even other new phones from Infinix to even be better.

So, this is the list of latest infinix phones , their prices and where you can buy these phones. If you have any question or want to make an inquiry please use the Contact Us Page or use the details below to reach me.

For further inquiries: you can reach me on +2348131219576 (WhatsApp only) or email ([email protected])

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