The pandemic really affected smartphone productions many ways. Manufacturing sites was shut down, shortage of chip saga, distribution chain was disrupted etc. But, Samsung is planning an aggressive comeback in 2022.

A document obtained by The Elec has leaked the smartphone production target of Samsung for 2022. Rounding up the figures, the Korean tech giant hope to make more than 334 million smartphones in 2022. The breakdown of the production by numbers is even more impressive.

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The company will aim to make 6.9 million units of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 and 2.9 million of the Galaxy Z Fold 4. This is an increase over the 4 million units for the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and 3 million for the Galaxy Z Fold 3 2021 production target.

Samsung production target

While the target for the larger Galaxy Z Fold next year remains the same, the more affordable Galaxy Z Flip will be produce in larger units come 2022.

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The flagship segment is however dominated by the Galaxy S-series. Samsung is producing more units of the Galaxy S series compared to the Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip. The company is looking to make 14 million Galaxy S22 phones, 8 million S22+ and 11 million S22 Ultras. A new leak has confirmed that next year’s Galaxy S22 Ultra will feature in-built S-PEN.

In 2021 the production target for the Galaxy S20 series was; 10 million S21 units, 8 million S21+ and 8 million S21 Ultra. Now in 2022, the company is looking to produce more Galaxy S20 and S21 Ultra.

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According to The Elec, Samsung might launch the Galaxy S22 series on January 5. There will be a Galaxy S22 FE in the second half of 2022, aiming for 5.7 million units produced. Both the Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip will account for 20% of Samsung flagships smartphones production next year.

The popular Galaxy A-series takes up most of the company’s smartphone production. Samsung is targeting to produce 28 million units of the Galaxy A53, 27 million units of the Galaxy A13 and 23 million units of the Galaxy A33 (these numbers includes 5G phones in this segment).

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The total numbers of phones expected to be produced by Samsung in 2022 is about 334 million units. With Samsung Galaxy A53, A13, and A33 expected to be the most produced.

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