We have seen the supposedly official first look of the Samsung Galaxy S21 series on Twitter courtesy of @iceuniverse. The leak appear to be a dummy version of the devices.

From what we could see from the photo leaks, there are three phones coming in the Galaxy S21 series. With two of these devices having similar size while there is a much bigger one.

We suspect the bigger one to be the Galaxy S21 Ultra while the other two is the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21 Pro. You can see the picture below for how they look like.

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Source: Ice Universe on twitter

There is no official news as to which chipset will power these devices yet. But most likely, the new Exynos chips will be used. And typical of Samsung Mobile, we won’t be surprised if there is also a version powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon chip.

Another feature we also saw from the leak design is that it might have a curved surface. Plus, the Galaxy S21 Ultra will be host to more camera features (lens) compared with the other two.

Source: Ice Universe on twitter

A Corning Gorilla Glass victus will protect these phones. All three models are expected to come with 5G network and eSIM technology. There is no cut out for headphone jack so get ready for earbuds or some other wireless headphones.

What might be crazy is that Samsung might decide to also ship their device without charger just like Apple did with its iPhone 12. We are in a race to save the planet after all so you should expect anything.

Finally, the back of the device suggest that they’ll have same camera module and arrangements as those of the Samsung Galaxy S20 series.

What do you think of this leak design? Will the phone be as beautiful as it’s predecessor? Leave your comments below.

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