Make your first $1000 on Clickbank: Be it a side hustle you have in mind or a full time job, Clickbank can be a pathway to wealth if you are willing to do the required work as an affiliate marketer. So our advice for you is “stay persistent and keep going”.

Clickbank has been existing since 1998. This means Clickbank is one of the oldest affiliate marketing platforms in the world. And they give you have access to wide array of products to promote that can earn you huge commissions if you know what you are doing. Note that the most important things here are;

  1. Belief: You have to believe you can get it done no matter what
  2. Persistence: You have to keep going regardless of the challenges you come across along the line.
  3. Patience: Sometimes it takes a while for things to start moving but you have to keep trying

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That is why in this article you will be learning steps you need to take to earn you your first $1000 on Clickbank as an affiliate marketer.

How to win with affiliate marketing and make your first $1000 on ClickBank

1. Pick a niche and stick with it.

To get started as an affiliate marketer on Clickbank, you need to first pick a niche that you are interested in. Clickbank has lots of products and programs which can get you customers that are willing to pay.

But you need to pick a particular niche you plan to go with because this helps you focus on few set of products that can bring you sales. There are different niches on Clickbank such as; HEALTH & FITNESS, BUSINESS/INVESTING, SELF HELP, E BUSINESS and E MARKETING etc.

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Health and fitness is one of the best niches in Clickbank because people will pay whatever amount to ensure their health problem is solved. You must ensure to pick a product with a high conversion rate and a product that will solve problems that people have.

Make your first $1000 on Clickbank
Above are the different niches in Clickbank

Once you click on any niche, you will gain access to lots of products you can promote. Example, in the health and fitness niche, you will be have access to all kinds of weight loss and health offers.

These different products will pay you a commission (ranging from 50% to 80% depending on the product) every time someone buys using your Clickbank link.

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From the screenshot below, you can see that you will earn $132 for every sale that comes through your affiliate link. Once you find a product you want to promote, click on promote and get your unique affiliate which you will use to get your commissions.

2. Find customers for your selected product

This is where it gets a little bit complicated and this is where lots of people lose hope and give up because they make one simple mistake. They didn’t treat Clickbank marketing like a business, they treated it like an overnight system to get wealthy. No one gets wealthy by mistake. When trying to make money on Clickbank, it is important to have a structure.

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The most common thing people start to do when they get their affiliate link is to start spamming online forums, Facebook groups, chats and communities online hoping for a sale.

Yes this can help you make some few quick bucks here and there but this is not sustainable, this is spamming (not to mention is unprofessional and annoying). The best way to get ahead in affiliate marketing is to build a sales funnel.

A sales funnel is a pathway your potential customers go through before they eventually buy your product. Sales funnels helps you build trust with potential buyers of your affiliate product and increases your chances of making the sale as opposed to spamming everyone you see online with your affiliate link.

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A sales funnel is important in modern day marketing. Here is a simple structural system on how a sales funnel should look like below.

How does a sales funnel work as opposed to sending links to random people?

A sales funnel brings each potential buyer into a pathway before the sale. Assuming you pick a weight loss product with costs $100 per sale which you are paid 60% commission for each sale. Meaning you make $60 for each sale.

You run an advert on Facebook about the weight loss product and interested buyers click on your Facebook ad. Now, instead of taking them straight to where they buy the product, you take them through your funnel. Which begins with your landing page (or website/blog).

A landing page is one page website where your potential buyer comes to before you take them to the product page.

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Once your potential buyer is on your landing page, your landing page helps you capture their emails and name. This is important because most interested buyers will not buy the product the first time they see it.

Making sales on Clickbank as an affiliate marketer requires that you create a follow up system. This follow up system is easily created using the email sender and auto responder your funnel provides for you.


You advertise a weight loss product on Facebook for moms over 50. Let’s say to Karen who is 53 years old, Karen enters into your sales funnel because she really needs a product like this.

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On getting to your landing page, she is required to provide her email address and name to gain access to the product for weight loss. Karen provides her email address and name and opts to the sales page where she is required to pay $100 for the weight loss product.

Karen clicks on the order now button but on getting to the order page where she is to put in her debit card details and finish the process of ordering the product, Karen decides not to buy because she isn’t sure if the product will work for her.

Karen changes her mind and closes the page. Ordinarily Karen has opted out and there will be no way to reach out to Karen, which means a possible sale lost forever. But with thanks to a SALES FUNNEL system, Karen’s email has been captured.

You can send Karen an email and remind her about the product which she dearly needs and is interested in buying. She might just need a little push. Sales funnels does everything from creating a landing page for you to sending out mails.

And reminding your customers about your affiliate product because let’s face it, 98% of people will not buy your products instantly. You need a system of reminding them about the products.

This is exactly why sales funnels are very important in modern day affiliate marketing. Sales funnels can increase percentage conversion rate from 2.5% to over 30%.

The above is the right way to get started with affiliate marketing and making your first $1000 on Clickbank.

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So below is a the third thing you need to do if you want to make your first sale on Clickbank. If you are new to affiliate marketing and Clickbank, please watch the free video above before you continue.

3. Picking a Good Product

You pick a good product, it’s important to pick a product with good gravity. Gravity determines how well it is a product converts interested customers into buyers. It’s ideal to pick a product with a gravity of between 50 and 100.

You pick a product within this range because you are sure to get conversions and also because the product isn’t saturated. You don’t want to promote the same product so many other thousands of affiliates are also promoting.

 4. Making your first $1000 on Clickbank

From the screenshot above, you earn $114 average for every sale you make. This means you will most likely make $114 if you get someone to buy the product. Next step is to run your ads, with FACEBOOK or YOUTUBE ads.

The approximate cost of getting your ads seen by 1,000 people on FACEBOOK is about $7 although this varies depending on your target audience and product type.

If you can get 1,000 people to see your ads with $7, this means if you spend $70 about 7,000 people will most likely see your ads. Out of 7,000 people that will the ads, assuming 800 of them click, this means that 800 people get to your landing page and remember your landing page is a one page website created by you to capture your potential buyer’s email, name etc.

It’s very important to have a highly converting landing page, hereby you should make your landing page as short as possible and very compelling.

Even if only 300 people provide their email and none of them buys straight away, you have successfully collected emails of people that are really interested in the product. Collecting emails is very important and that is why we have the free package below to help you. Click the banner below to know more about SST and how it works.

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Successful Affiliate Marketer

For anyone to provide their email, means they are deeply interested and they are looking at your product as a solution to their problem. The next thing is to do is to create a sequence of emails you will be sending to the people who have provided their email, here is where it gets tricky.

Most affiliate marketers will start to send sales emails trying to convince them to buy their affiliate products immediately. But the ultimate best thing to do is to offer them free tips, provide free hacks pertaining to the product, offer free advice and send free content to these potential buyers.

This helps to warm them up and helps you build trust. One little thing not known by most online marketers is when you offer free tips to your potential customers they automatically believe you want the best for them and have their full interest at heart.

Therefore when you offer them a product or service for them to buy you will get more people interested in buying and ultimately more profit for you.

Point is, if you create a sequence of 20 automated emails and the first 5 are free content and advice emails while the 6th once is a product sales emails, you will get more clicks and orders on the product.

You proceed to send more content emails from the 7th email to the 11th email and then the 12th is a product sales email, meaning for every 6 emails sent, 5 are free content emails while only 1 is a sales mail.

Another advantage of this is that you are building a list of customers in your niche whom you can sell many more products to.

Even if out of 300 people that provided their emails, only 20 decide to buy, you have just gotten 20 people to buy an affiliate product that will pay you an average of $114 per sale.

Let’s do the quick Math

114 x 20 = $2,280

$2,280 has been made after spending just $70 on ads and just $19 for your email marketing sequence.

Below are 2 things to take note of as an Clickbank affiliate marketer
  1. Always target the right audience (potential customers) for your affiliate product, a hungry customer will pay anything for a solution.
  2. Provide free content, tips and advice pertaining to their needs before you offer them a product to buy.

Do you want to learn how to do affiliate marketing and how make your first $1000 from Clickbank the proper way? Below is a typical flow of how it’s done.

Advert >>>>> Landing page >>>> Email sequence >>>> Huge Sales

Sleep Sales Technology does exactly the above for you. SST teaches you how to do everything from setting up your unique landing page, set up an email sequence and convert your leads/potential customers into buyers. Even if you have no tech skills Sleep sales technology does all the email sequence and landing page set up for you, hereby giving you a head start.

Click Here to learn about Sleep sales technology (Video presentation). We hope this has been helpful and most importantly we hope you implement on these strategies.

Choosing a niche and sticking with it, knowing the right consumer for your product, picking the right product for your consumers, using Sales Funnel such as SST will surely make you your first $1000 on Clickbank.

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