While we’re still signing praises of what Samsung did with the display of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3, LG Chem has come out with a bombshell. LG Chem has claimed it has made the most durable and flexible display for foldable smartphones.

According to the company, this new flexible display is as strong as actual glass and also more flexible compared to current flexible displays. Truth is, with this new material, LG Chem is changing foldable display technology.

The new material is called “Real Folding Window” by LG Chem. This new flexible display is as flexible as previously used flexible displays, but much it’s more resistant. It should be about as hard as a surface made of real glass, while the competitors used so far are more like a somewhat stronger plastic.

Report said that the material consists mainly of a polyethylene terephthalate (PET). In addition, the surfaces on both sides have been subjected to a special treatment, which increase the strength of the material. The company is keeping what it did with the glass confidential for now.

No more middle line

Aside from it been resistant to scratches, LG Chem claims to have solved some other problems. Usually, there is this middle line when you fold and unfold flexible displays. With this new material, LG Chem is claiming such line is reduce drastically.

LG Chem Flexible display
LG Chem Flexible display

Also, the new material will make it possible for the display to bend in both directions (back and forth) without problems. Note that material used in previous foldable devices are suited to fold in one direction.

The new material is said to be very thin and it reportedly didn’t show significant wear out when it was bent more than 200,000 times. Again all tis as per the company and we still need to see an actual test in a foldable device to fully confirm all these details.

As per actual test in a smartphone, LG Chem expect smartphone manufacturers to start using this new material come 2022. According to report first samples have been sent out to some customers.

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