Apple is expected to launch a redesigned MacBook Air but most likely not this year. There have been rumors that the tech giant will announce new Macs in coming weeks. But, new report has shown that the redesigned MacBook air might not be among.

According to iMore, a new research note by Ming-Chi Kuo suggests that the redesigned MacBook Air won’t go into mass production until the third quarter of 2022.

The new notebook is expected to add a mini-LED screen and bring MagSafe back to the MacBook Air lineup. And this will be a major upgrade over the previous models of the MacBook Air.

MacBook Air Render
MacBook Air Render

Jon Prosser shared some renders that showed of colors of the MacBook Air looking similar to the 24-inch iMac. From the renders, new white keyboards are also spotted which is quite different from the regular bland black keys we are used to.

The Apple Silicon provides much power to the M1 MacBook Air and this is why it’s a very popular device. And we expect the incoming MacBook Air to have even better chip inside.

Speed and power is something that Apple is taking seriously with its products. The iPad Mini 2021 was launched with powerful chip and GPU. Even the Apple iPhone 13 Pro is arguably the most powerful smartphone in the world right now.

Right now, we don’t expect mass production of the redesigned MacBook Air to start till third quarter of 2022. But, we sure expect it to come with a new designs, MagSafe, and improved Apple chip inside.

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