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MacOS Sonoma New Features

MacOS Sonoma: New Features to improve the use of your Mac Computer

In the WWDC 2023, Apple announced that its next MacOS will be known as the MacOS Sonoma. MacOS Sonoma is the upgrade to macOS Ventura that was released last year. The name is inspired by the wine region of Sonoma. And just like a fine wine, the new MacOS Sonoma comes with some fine features.

The new MacOS will have all the features that are available in the Apple iOS 17 and Apple iPadOS 17. But, it’ll also bring some of its own exclusive features to owners of Mac PCs. So, here are the new features coming to your Mac Computer courtesy of the MacOS Sonoma update.

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MacOS Sonoma New Features

MacOS Sonoma New Features

There are not many groundbreaking features coming to Mac PCs with the new MacOS software update. However, the new features of macOS Sonoma are very interesting and will improve the use of Mac computers and their interactivity.

1. Widgets on Mac

Widgets on MacOS Sonoma

Apple is bringing some interesting changes to the way users will access and use widgets on Mac computers. Widgets are usually accessed from the notification panel in the previous MacOS. But, starting from MacOS Sonoma, users can now add widgets to the desktop of the Mac computer.

To make it even more interesting, widgets added to the desktop of your Mac PC will adapt to the color of your Wallpaper. The widgets will also fade in the background anytime a user opens an App. This will make the widgets not intrusive and disturb users’ views.

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2. Game Mode on Mac

Game on MacOS Sonoma

The new Apple silicon has made recent Mac laptops and computers some of the best gaming devices thanks to their incredible GPUs. The Game Mode in the MacOS Sonoma makes playing games on your Mac PC even more interesting. The Game Mode on MacOS Sonoma minimizes background tasks and gives the game more CPU and GPU.

This allows the game to play smoothly and to have consistent frame rates for a longer time. Game Mode works with many available games and soon-to-be-released games. Developers can now also easily port their games from other platforms to Mac using the Game Porting Toolkit.

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3. Video Conferencing on Mac

Apple has added another new feature called “Presenter Overlay” to improve the quality of video conferencing on Mac computers. The Presenter Overlay features allow users to present content in video conferencing as a pro. Small Overlays make the user’s face appears in a moveable bubble on top of the content the user is presenting. Large Overlays allow the user to remain prominent while the content is next to the user.

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Apple uses its neural engine and Apple silicon to separate the user from the background and place the content between the user and the background. This means with Large Overlay, presenters can move while also presenting their content.

Conferencing on MacOS Sonoma

Another interesting feature added to the video conferencing on Mac with the new MacOS Sonoma is Reaction Video Effect. This feature allows users to react during presentation and users can even do this with a gesture. For example, a thumbs up during a presentation means you’re impressed and brings up the celebration effects. This feature will work on Apps like Facetime, Zoom, Teams, Webx, and more.

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4. Safari on Mac

Safari on MacOS Sonoma

Safari on Mac is getting some little makeup for its users. It now has more privacy features like locking browser windows, blocking trackers from loading, and removing URL trackers. Users can now also share their Passkey/Password with people they trust in their group.

Profiles and web apps are also features coming to Safari on MacOS Sonoma. To turn a website into a Web App on Safari in MacOS Sonoma, go to the file menu and click on add to the dock, name the site, and it’s saved on your Mac.

So these are the new features coming to the Apple Mac computers on MacOS Sonoma. Which of these features are you looking forward to and why? Please use the comment section to share your opinion with us.






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