If you’ve been in the Nigeria telecommunication space, you might have heard of the new telecommunication company that beat Airtel to 5G band in late 2021. Yes, the telecommunication company is known as Mafab Communications.

In fiercely contested battle for 5G license in Nigeria, Mafab Communications managed to beat Airtel and tag along MTN as the second company to grab the 5G license in Nigeria. But, who are Mafab, are they the next big netowkr provider in Nigeria? Well, let’s find out.

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Mafab Communications

Mafab Communications is a telecommunication company in Nigeria owned by Dr Musbahu Mohammad Bashir, Chairman of Althani Group. Its headquarters is located at No 8a Ibiyinka Olorunibe close, off Amodu Ojikutu street, Victoria-Island.

The company was incorporated on the 8th of July, 2020 and licensed by the Nigerian Telecommunications commission to provide and operate both Local Interconnect and International carrier services.

Mafab was issued two licenses:

  1. Interconnect Exchange
  2. International Data Access

From its year incorporation, once can easily tell that Mafab communication is a new comer into the Nigerian telecommunication space.

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What are the Services Provided by Mafab

Just like every other telecommunication company in Nigeria, Mafab provides the following services:

  1. Voice call and text messaging
  2. Video call
  3. Internet data services
  4. Use of USSD codes for various purposes which includes; entertainment, marketing, and advertising
  5. 5G network connectivity

For all the services of Mafab please visit the Mafab Service Page.

How to buy data and Airtime on Mafab

There is no known data plan or voice call plan listed on the Mafab communication website as at the time of writing this article. We’ll update this article if this changes in the future. But, to use the services of Mafab communications, you can Contact Mafab Support team.

Is Mafab Communications Legal

Yes, Mafab is a registered telecommunication company in Nigeria. And they also have license to operate within Nigeria and also connect you with your loved ones outside Nigeria.

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Future of Mafab Communications

Mafab just won the battle for 5G network in Nigeria and is the two telecommunication companies that will be able to provide 5G coverage in the country. This means the future is pretty bright for Mafab.

It’s true that Mafab just entered the telecommunication space in Nigeria but with the right team, good coverage, good data plans, right pricing, good infrastructure, and good support system, the company can climb the ladder pretty quickly.

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As one of the 5G providers in Nigeria, Mafab will have its share of customers in coming months. The question is how well the company will respond to the demands and how equipped the company is for such demands.

Point is, the future of Mafab is in its own hands. And if the company has the right management and good marketing strategy, they should be here to stay. But then again, time will tell.

This is what we’ve dug up about Mafab communications thus far. So, is Mafab the next big network provider in Nigeria? The answer to the question is MAYBE. At least for now. The company has so much potential and with the right management and good marketing, Mafab can be one of the biggest network provider in Nigeria. I guess time will tell.

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