It seems majority of Samsung Fans are not ready to accept the fact that there won’t be a Galaxy Note device this year. Although the company has confirmed that it won’t be launching a Galaxy Note this year, it doesn’t mean the Galaxy Note 20 it its last Galaxy Note.

But, it seems that majority of Samsung Fans Likes the Samsung Galaxy Note series over the Galaxy S series. And in a petition from Samsung Fans, they’d rather Samsung bring a new Galaxy Note instead of Galaxy S next year (we’ll link to the petition below).

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The very first Samsung Galaxy Note devices was launched back in October 2011. And it quickly became the most popular series for couple of reasons.

One, is that it comes with an S Pen which is unique. Two, it comes with the best specs you can think of. Each Galaxy Note phone always have the best chipset, best display, best cameras you’ll see in a Samsung phone.

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But, due to the Global chip shortage saga, Samsung has skipped launching the Galaxy Note series for 2021. And now, Samsung Fans have already started to petition the company to release the Galaxy Note on the first half of 2022.

The petition reads in part as follows:

“The Galaxy Note lineup of smartphones is loved by millions of fans around the world, and they were pretty disappointed when Samsung said it wouldn’t be launching a new Note flagship in 2021, partly because of the chip shortage that has gripped the industry.”

“So here’s an idea: If not 2021, how about a new Galaxy Note flagship sometime in the first half of 2022? Maybe Samsung could skip the Galaxy S22 lineup next year and give us a Note instead? Samsung could keep all of its flagship lineups alive by alternating between them, all while keeping all of its fans happy at the same time!”

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The petition literally means Samsung should skip the launch of a new Samsung Galaxy S22 and replace it with the launch of a new Samsung Galaxy Note device. This is not such a bad idea but come to think of it, some the things that makes the Galaxy Note unique is now available in other Samsung phones.

For example, the S Pen is available in Galaxy Note 21 Ultra and the incoming Galaxy Z Fold 3 will also rock that feature. And same camera sensors and chipset use in the Galaxy Note series is used in Galaxy S series, Z Fold and even Galaxy FE series.

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Most Samsung fans are just in love with the Galaxy Note series hence they’ll love to see it and not have it skipped. As at the time of writing this article, the petition already got over 9,000 signatures and something tells me it’ll be more than 10,000 soon.

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